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Is he lying about forgetting the names of the girls he slept with, is he hiding something for a reason?

When he and I first dated neither of us were honest and up front about our past relationships.
Later we decided we wanted to be open and accepting of each others pasts.
We told eachother the number of sex partners we had.
He first said he slept with 2 girls in addition to me
My number was more than 2...

Months later when having an open conversation about past relationships he tells me about all 6 women he's had sexual relations w in the past

At another point in out relationship I confessed to Caleb that early into the relationship I cheated on him
Not much longer after confessing I found a secret email my boyfriend had with breast pictures of two people we knew who he said he stole the pictures off their phone
He admitted to meeting random girls online and sexting them, only one email was in the inbox, he covered his tracks pretty well
The confessions trickled in more and more over time. Sometimes on his own and sometimes bc I catch an old lie.

Caleb admitted that the 6 girls he had sexual relations w he actually did have sex w (not just bjs like he said before)
... somehow he does NOT remember ANY names besides the 2 he told me when we first dating.
Not first name. Not last name. Nothing. These were NOT one night stands. He went on dates w these girls some he even saw on 2 or 3 occasions. I think he's being loyal now and doesn't tell new lies but sticks to an old story (lie) for as long as he can. Its hard to forgive and move on when I fell he's still capable of lying (even if its an old lie)

Is this another lie he is sticking w or can someone really forget all the names of the very few people he's slept with. Do you think he's withholding names bc I may know them? Or he has possibly seen them while we were together?

I dont know why he wouldn't just tell me their names, I've always been honest with him... but as I've seen before my boyfriend will stick with a lie up until you can physically prove to him that he's busted
He is lying, he remembers more than he is telling you
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He's being honest, he probably doesn't remember their names.
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Is he lying about forgetting the names of the girls he slept with, is he hiding something for a reason?
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