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He flirts with me after a one night stand, but never calls?


I slept with this guy from from (we work for different teams at a big company) 4 weeks ago. We were noticing each other for quite a long time and once we saw each other in the club the chemistry was so strong that we ended up at my place. On Monday he sent me an awkward note and asked me how I´m doing - not suggesting any date, nothing. Later, I didn´t know how to handle the situation and the awkwardness, so I told him that everything is ok, I don´t know how I want this to continue and that I like him, but I don´t expect anything from him. His response was that he agrees with everything I said.

We ignored each other for a week, but later a common friend of mine (he was at the club with us when this happened) took me to a party where we met. When he saw me he smiled at me, it wasn´t even awkward. After the party both of them escorted me to a tram station and waited until tram comes, so I will be safe. Later I met this guy at work, he is smiling at me, even flirting, once he even came to my desk to greet me when he visited our common friend. The point is that he is not avoiding me and he even flirts. But he never contacts me and he knows my email, we are friends on fb and he has even my number.

The thing here is that I don´t know what guys might share with each other. I just know that this guy I slept with once asked my friend to take me out (before we had sex) and he refused. He even told him that he doesn´t know me (which is not truth). This Friday my friend tried to kiss me, but I didn´t allow him that.

I´m in perplexing situation, because I want to start dating the guy I had sex with, but he probably doesn´t like, maybe because he thinks I´m easy (not truth, this happened to me first time).
How to put thinks in order? I really really want that guy to like me and I slept with him because I like him, not because I´m a hoe.
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I also want to mention that he started to hang out on the same places at work as I do. And when he is talking to his co-workers and notices me, I notice that he turns his feet and body to me, so I feel he is attracted to me.
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Sometimes I wonder if the reason why he is not contacting me is our common friend. Because the morning after we had sex he promised me that he won´t tell him (I don´t understand why).
He flirts with me after a one night stand, but never calls?
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