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Wear a micro bikini like this (not thong)?

Micro bikinis are really sexy in my opinion! but most of them are too revealing. thongs are pretty boring but still sexy, but I prefer those who cover the butt but still are very small so I wonder, would you wear a bikini like these?

there was someting wrong with the links. you will have to remove the space between the page and. com

beachkini-usa. com/girlswear/cover-up-bikinis/108/spring-break-cover-up-bikini? c=2198

teenyb. com/Products/Classic-Brazilian-Half-Pucker-in-Mora__222-6090-41500. aspx

toddbarrettswimwear. com/index. php? route=product/product&path=61_82&product_id=152
(not the thong model)

the last one is my favourite. it is so small but still covers the butt

I added a poll to make it easier to see opinions, but I would want comments as well!

would you wear them casually everywhere, pool party with friends only, only a secluded beach or only when tanning?

thank you :)
I would wear them, but not thong
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No, still to revealing
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Only if my bf wanted and convinced me
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I would wear them, but also thongs. the smaller the better
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I want to, but I am too shy
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updated the second link =)
teenyb. com/Products/Classic-Brazilian-Half-Pucker-in-Mora__222-6090-41500. aspx
Wear a micro bikini like this (not thong)?
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