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Is this sexual tension? How do you define this?

When me and this guy talk, I can tell there's a lot of nervous energy in him. He fidgets a lot, scratches his head, looks into my eyes but has to look away, and on a few occasions has been actually clumsy, dropping/knocking over things. He often sits near me and when he does he drums on the table or his leg bounces. If he's sitting far away or where he can't see me, he doesn't do this. I get the sense that he's not completely at ease in my presence, like he's aware of me being there in the way that I'm always aware when he's around or enters the room. He also has a harder time keeping a conversation going with me, though he's very outgoing. Even though he acts nervous he still always approaches me when he has the chance.

I can't help it but he makes me nervous, in a good way. I smile and sometimes blush really badly around him. I like him a lot and I really can't hide it.

But I don't know if he can tell, and what I'm seeing is that he's awkward because he doesn't feel the same.

So how do I tell if this is sexual tension or just plain awkwardness?
Is this sexual tension? How do you define this?
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