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How to know if you've fallen in love?

I'm familiar with all the characteristics, whether it be giddiness, being very happy instnatly when around them, thinking about them a lot, and more often than not putting their happiness and well-being before your own. All of those signs could easily fall into puppy-love, lust, or infatuation too though.

How would I know if I've fallen in love with my boyfriend? We've been together for 3 months, though were dating for 3 months before that. I'm really happy with him, I miss him a lot even when I saw him just 2 days ago, the sexual chemistry is insane, and if I have plans with friends then he asks me to do something with him at the same time I cancel on all my friends right away.

Could I be in love, or is that something else?
How to know if you've fallen in love?
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