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Who is in the wrong here? Me or him?

I had a one night stand with a girl who turned out to be an ex-girlfriend of a guy who was in the same class as me in college. He eventually found out - I never told anybody about it but I know she told her friends.

He came up to me and threatened me, but then made an excuse not to fight me and backed off. I had no idea why he'd threatened me and he wouldn't tell me why when I kept on asking him, I only thought about this later on.

I could understand if we were best friends, but we weren't even friends, we never hung out, and sometimes he was a bit of a dick. They'd also been split for quite a while - I wouldn't have done it had she still been with him. He could fuck any of my ex's and I wouldn't care.

However I asked my brother the other day and he said he'd feel the same way as that guy. I just don't get it.

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Who is in the wrong here? Me or him?
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