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What do you guys do after this situation?

When boys fall in love with a girl because of her looks, her pretty face, her body, and go out with her, and have sex with her, you realize that she isn't the same with her outside look... actually her body is not that fit, her clothes have covered her fat belly, and parts of her body are hairy... and her vagina is not as pretty as her face, lol. What do you do in that situation? Have sex with her immediately and never look at her face after that? You continue to "love" her anyway? To what extent what she hides under her clothes concern you? Just out of curiosity. I'm not one of those girls, actually I never fell in love nor was I fallen in love with. I'm asexual and nowadays questions about sex just started invading my mind... I wonder what's happening to me. Answer pls.
What do you guys do after this situation?
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