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What went wrong when I tried ending things with boyfriend?

I'm having trouble and I feel very confused. Last night I tried ending things with him over the phone. I didn't want to end things cause deep down I don't want to cause I love and care about him so much.

But my parents don't approve of my relationship cause he has no license (speeding tickets), no car, lives at home, and his age (31). I'm 25.

Yes I know I am a grown woman and shouldn't listen to my parents but I still live at home. I could defy them and say I am going to date him anyway even though I told my folks I was going to end it. My mom feels its a mature decision to do so and focus on getting a job. But by defying them would bring hostility and stress. I don't need more of that...I get enough of it already from being at home.

I told my boyfriend (of one week, known him a month) the situation and encourages me to stand up for what I want. But I can't do it. Maybe that makes me a coward, a wimp, weak and with no backbone...then so be it.

I just don't know what to do anymore. My boyfriend won't accept it. He's like if you love me, you'll do it for us. I crushed his heart last night about everything but we somehow ended up talking on good terms almost as if it didn't happen.

He talks to me every day by text or over the phone. Honestly feels a bit clingy. He can't let me go he loves me so much. I can't break his heart again. It just breaks mine cause I still love him.

He wants to see me one more time, and have sex. Says that I owe him that after he bought me sex toys.

Also, he's my first boyfriend. And I never ended a relationship with anyone I had dated in the past. It all went on me. I also never loved anyone before him. But him and I moved too fast emotionally. He see's a future with me. He feels I am the one. I just don't see how that can happen, especially how many parents feel about him. They never gave him a chance. So unfair.

There's a lot more to this but I only get so much space. I think you guys get the gist of it.
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I ended it. Glad I did, he ended up being verbally abusive.
What went wrong when I tried ending things with boyfriend?
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