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My bf left me for another women?

I broke off with my bf of 5 years. he's 34. I loved him a lot.
He had many flaws and many issues in life. He was on substances, smoked, was flirty and womanizing. But I looked over all his mistakes hoping he would change. I accepted him as he was.

But he dumped me for a woman 4 years older than him. She has 3 young kids. She has been after him ever since day she met him as a 'admirer'.
When she met him again, they got involved in sex and all.
And now he left me to date her. She is very slutty and incredibly gold digging.
She gets all these expensive designer shoes and stuff from him which she shows off to the world on instagram and Facebook.

She even tweeted sexual innuendoes to him, called his fans 'bitches wishing to be her', favorited all tweets which called them 'nice couple' and even her family members post videos of them kissing at his shows and uploading her pics.

She seems poor as her family members say ' they received front tix/louboutin shoes in this very life'.
He got her off Twitter as she was ruining his image. But he's still dating such a woman.

She tells everyone that she's his gf and that they share the same birthday (1st April ).

2mrw is his bday and I really miss him. I loved him and I still do. To me he was my world. I never cared about his money. I just cared about him.
Nothing makes me happy. I cry on reflecting/his pictures etc. No man attracts me. Her cousin tells everyone they are dating
she's claimng she's Pregnant too.
Do they love each other?
My bf left me for another women?
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