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Why is he acting like this? I'm really sad :/?

I've been friends with this guy for years. We just started to hook up recently.He's pretty sensitive and shy but I took him to a party and there were a lot of people there from High School. I look really different since then and all these guys kept on flirting with me in front of him. He got beyond jealous it was so obvious. Some guy even slapped my butt in front of him and my guy friend kept on giving him dirty looks all night. He played all this music there that I like, to get my attention. Then he had to drive my car cause I was drinking and we went back to my house and he was being soo distant. He would barely look at me and was on his phone all night texting someone and it looked like he was crying but he blamed it on his allergies, and when I offered him a ride home he rejected it and walked instead. I texted him today to see if he wanted to get coffee and talk and he is just acting cold towards me :/
Why is he acting like this? I'm really sad :/?
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