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are women really aware that we men aren't mind readers?

i dont know if this was really true or just my older brother making shit up.

but the other day we were all at a get together and my brother started a conversation among everybody on how much of a nympho is ex and her sisters were. along they way he puts me in the spot and brings up that supposedly his ex girlfriend's younger sister, who was the same age as me wanted me to hit her from behind. now i never knew this nor she did she ever told me this. so me being shocked i just turn to him and asked "wtf was this?", then he replies "yea! this chick wanted to hook up with you but you were being such a baby, etc". so i just replied with a "yea! whatever" and all. but i think this was somewhat true as i remember she did used to give me a frisky smile in the past a few times, but never ever did she even tried to have conversation with me.

another incident he brought up was at a time when we were at a friend's house party. the party was off the chain and i came across some chick that was digging me. i did manage to have a good time with her as we danced all night then we when to the kitchen and got pretty intimate. after the party ends we gave her a ride home and as we dropped her off at her house she gave me her number. again my brother brings this incident up being all dramatic by putting me in the spot once again and telling me "you blew it for the second time with that chick at the party! this chick was dying to fuck and you let her go!". but again, just like the previous chick she never told me anything about wanting to fuck and whatever

now coming to the conclusion i just want to simply know, do women realise that we men dont posses psychic powers? like how was i supposed to know those 2 chicks wanted me to fuck them? or are women too shy to say "lets fuck" or something? someone please enlighten me on this
are women really aware that we men aren't mind readers?
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