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My ex boyfriend kissed my forehead?

So, I had sex with my ex boyfriend for a while now, but recently he has been really snuggly, cuddly, romantic. Like kissing my forehead during while we are taking a break, holding hands, when we sleep together when I stay over our legs is just bonded together, etc. What does it all mean? He says he is not ready for a full commitment because in our relationship, he is 22 and so he is not ready to open up his whole heart to me and I guess spend our lives together. But the thing is he opens so much more to me now then we were together, which is really strange.. We broke up because he was moving away, and he got a panic attack, so we broke up. But I just wanna know, what does he want, what is in his head, what does he feel? Thank you for any advice.
My ex boyfriend kissed my forehead?
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