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Unintentional sexual joke backfired?

This guy at work who's been flirting a couple of months now got a kick by backfiring a joke. It was April fool's and i pretended i was asking him out. Wrong choice of words and it suddenly sounded like i was asking to hook up with him, he knew it was a joke and my fault really, but he gave me hell for it. It was funny at first but got annoying when he kept bringing it up and insisted he was willing to "accompany" me. On our way home he mustve thought there really was a chance coz he kept joking around, asking "where are we going now? On the right there's x hotel.." I got flustered and I just wanna redeem myself from him thinking he's ever going to get into my pants coz after that Im sure now he just sees me as a challenge thats why he's consistently hanging and flirting with me and will be rewarded with sex sooner or later.
Unintentional sexual joke backfired?
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