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What exactly does a foot fetish mean?

This guy I'm flirting with: we snap chat every once in while, we haven't sent any nudes but sometimes i send him a cleavage shot or flirty face. but sometimes he asks for pics of my feet... not directly, but he'll bring it up, like i was dressed up and he asked what shoes i was wearing. and when i've said things about being sore from dancing or working out he'll be like "how are your feet" and even "i can massage them for you."
I feel like this means he has a foot fetish, since he seems to like my feet, but I'm not even sure what a foot fetish entails.
We go to different schools so we don't really get to see each other in person, but if this goes further and i do get into an intimate situation, what would his foot fetish mean in terms of sex? Would he expect a foot job? or is it just that seeing my feet would turn him on and the rest of the sex would be normal?
What exactly does a foot fetish mean?
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