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How much is it a deal breaker for guys?

You meet a girl online, she has package: character, brains, very respected authority level profession, money, pretty and fit. You are getting to know her and suddenly she panic and shares her secret in weird way by messaging online dating site, she kept always secret she is a rape survivor and suddenly afraid of rejection starts acting very insecure, clingy...will you get scared and walk away with a prejudice "she is damaged goods, it would be too hard to have relationship, so why to get into such a mess"? Do you have advice for me I want to brake free and try to be in relationship, but I had such reaction and scared a man. I was in therapy for long time, but therapists can help so much and also they want you to believe all people are worth trusting, just to make you feel better. I cannot be calm or not clingy when sharing this about myself, I cannot get close to anyone without sharing, it is just hard, advise me please.
How much is it a deal breaker for guys?
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