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What do you guys and gals think?

Does he have any feeling toward me?

Ok, so history on the relationship. I met this guy through an ad placed. I was in a relationship at the time and my bf knew about the first encounter and even went with me to the initial encounter.

The guy I met was not in a relationship; we also continued to meet after that without my "bf" knowing about it. This went on for a year or so. Then one day he told me (that he was in a relationship, the girl had moved in , and that I couldn't have my cake and eat it too.

He is currently with the same girl but we have been together since then;(there was a gap for almost 2 years before we met again; even though there was still correspondence going on between us).

The last time we were together; it felt more intimate to me or it could have been my imagination. The reason I say it felt more intimate was because there was kissing up my legs, continuous eye contact; no matter what position , if it was possible, and there was also more kissing initiated by he.

So, my question would be; does he feel anything toward me by coming back to me for or am I making more out of it?

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1d He is the one who is currently in a relationship; I am no longer in said relationship that was stated
What do you guys and gals think?
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