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Exclusive friends with benefits vs. relationship?

Sorry it's pretty long, I just really need peoples opinion on this!!

Okay, so I've been seeing this guy for about 3 weeks-1 month. He's slept over 3 times and we haven't had sex, we have kissed though and it was super intimate. We've gone out for drinks and out to eat and have just stayed in at my place.
Today, he texts me this:

- I feel like you are looking for a relationship, am I wrong? I just got out of one so I'm not ready to commit but I do have a little proposition for you if you want to hear it

I said - I'm not really one for relationships anyways since I've had some pretty bad experiences, lol but what's your proposition?

He said - Well we obviously like spending time together so how about we stay faithful and just take it to the next step when you are ready. Kind of like friends with benefits but respectful, it would never be just sex. We send time together, hangout, wtv and in the end if it happens then great and if it doesn't...well it's not a problem at least we enjoy eachothers company

SO, I'm just really confused because a few nights ago he was sending me texts saying how much he wanted to kiss me, and saying that he was lying in bed and all he could think about is me... stuff like that... Not to mention when he sleeps over, we end up staying awake in bed talking until like 6 am and it's all super intimate. So can anyone give me their opinion on his proposition? Because to me that sounds a lot like a relationship...not just sex, faithful...sounds like a relationship to me...
Exclusive friends with benefits vs. relationship?
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