Female-Led Relationships, male chastity, cuckolding?

Hey, this question is for the girls: Female Led Relationships are basically where the guy and girl both agree that things would be smoother (and hotter) with the girl in charge, to varying degrees. some couples practice it just in the bedroom, some couples practice it 24/7. two, I guess, sub-genres would be: Male chastity is when the boyfriend is kept in a chastity device and the girlfriend or wife keeps the only keys, essentially preventing him from touching himself, or getting off in any way without his girlfriend/wife's permission..therefore channelling every bit of his sexual energy towards her needs and desires. Cuckolding is where both agree that the girlfriend or wife is allowed to sleep with other men, but the boyfriend stays faithful to her and actually enjoys the thought (or sight) of his girlfriend/wife sexing other men, and teasing him about it, usually denying him sex most of the time, but keeping him aroused, to keep him submissive.

Not many women know, but these are three of the most popular male fetishes, the word cuckolding is actually the top-searched term on most p*rn sites. Men are very into the idea, but hardly ever admit to it in any social setting (for obvious reasons). Many psychologists have noted that psychological femdom relationships are extremely popular among highly intelligent and successful men.

My question is, how many of you ladies would be interested in exploring this type of relationship, and to what degree?
Female-Led Relationships, male chastity, cuckolding?
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