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The reasons why I think most of women don't want to get too sexually comfortable with long term boyfriend or husband.

Reason 1: Because it's forever. Let's face it. If I down down on my husband and he enjoys it which he of course will, what you think is going to happen? He'll ask it every time we decide to have sex for rest of our life...
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A moment's pleasure. A lifetime's stress?

Currently, an astonishing 45 percent of the 6 million pregnancies in the United States each year are unintended. Every year, millions of women, married and unmarried, young and not so young, are getting an outcome —...
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"WETDAY" Wednesday Sex Jokes

Yep, it's that time again... Time for more sex... Jokes.... And according to my calendar, it's WETDAY... If you don't have someone to get you wet the way you'd really like, at least can get your eyes wet 🤣 And just...
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10 Things That Aren't So Prideful If You Think About It (Part 1)

10 Things That Aren't So Prideful If U Think Hard: Feminism alert. No hate speech would be tolerated. Because you've been warned, duh. 1. Real men marry virgins This is even worse than : "smart men don't believe in...
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Lesbianism: Answering your potential questions about it

By now, everyone knows that the LGBT+ community exists. You see it all around you in these times, from media to your local city. As a lesbian, I get many questions (and rude comments sometimes) from people who are...
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"SUCKDAY" Sunday Sex Jokes (18+content)

Checking my calendar, it's " that time" again.... So going by the day it is thought we'd keep it more oral.... So without further ado, enjoy these jokes..(when oral sex is just talking about it, laugh instead) Free...
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The World's Funniest Adult Jokes about MEN!

Did you know that July 18th was "INTERNATIONAL MAKE FUN OF MEN DAY?" ...well, of course you didn't, that's because I just created it! ... lol So, I know I am going to get in trouble for this anyway, but If you are one of...
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The Truth About the Hymen

The word "hymen" derives from the Greek word for membrane. Ironically enough, hymen was also the Greek god of marriage. Since I’ve noticed that huge misconceptions about both the anatomy, as well as what the tissue itself...
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#2 My Fantasy by @anon1903

#2 Fantasy "We could let you guys go on one condition..." "Gee not again." Prefect Lorenz. His duty is to maintain peace and security, as mine is to cause chaos of all times. Don't mind his seriousness, he's a terrific...
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"Moanday" Sex Jokes

Yes, I'm "at it" again 😅 If I'm not "having" sex, can at least laugh about it, right? And for those of you that think I have a dirty mind: But first, before we "start".... Since this is a question and advice site,...
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So, ready for another Sunday funday sex joke take? Well, ready or not... Here they cum 🤣(sounds like guys) Again, these jokes are only meant in fun... None of these jokes represent my personal views or opinions. Should...
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Getting a Bilateral Salpingectomy at the age of 23

I have thinking about not having kids for a long, long time. I started researching sterilization when I was 18. Unfortunately my parents found out about this and got very angry at me not wanting kids. I never stopped...
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"Still Even More Sex Sex Sex" Jokes

So, it's not Sunday... But we can have sex any day... Sex Jokes that is... By now, shouldn't have to include a disclaimer, so I'll just say this... If you can't take the jokes, get out of the joke take 😁... Enjoy and...
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Why you should wait to have sex in a relationship!

There is much debate about how long you should wait before you have sex with a guy. Should you wait a week? a month? a few months? or just go on the first date? Here is my opinion as to why you should hold out. I am not...
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Penis Size and Sex Positions

This guide is based on my own experience. I've kept it simple breaking it down into the basic positions. I know there's umpteen variants of rear entry but in reality the differences aren't that great. Neither am I a fan...
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Why isn't there Straight Pride month?

It’s that time of the year again; rainbow-covered items have begun popping up around town, be they banners on street-posts or items in stores that have a rainbow-themed pattern with ‘PRIDE’ plastered somewhere on it. It...
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So another Sunday sex take 🙂 Thanks to one user with apparently no sense of humor, this disclaimer for him or anyone else who can't take a joke. DISCLAIMER: These are just jokes. I in no way condone spousal cheating,...
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Telltale signs that female characters were written by a man and male characters were written by a woman

What's one giveaway that the story you're reading is probably the product of a female character being written from a male author's perspective? Boobs. Men tend to describe their female characters as overly-aware of their...
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"MORE SEX SEX SEX", Jokes...

Are you "ready" for "more" sex? Sex jokes that is 🙂 So if you read and enjoyed my first sex jokes take, thought you might be up for "another round" 😉 Hope it's as good as "the first"... Fun sex fact, did you know: What...
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Sex from a Christian perspective.

The biblical purpose of sex is multifaceted. God has given sex to us as a means of glorifying Him as we fulfill its design for procreation, intimacy, comfort, and physical pleasure. It is a fulfillment of God's created...
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