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For guys who are concerned about lasting longer in bed!

So, for the guys who want to fuck a lady like for hours. Calm down buddies. She is also a human. And she doesn't want you to pound her like for hours. Female's brain work differently to male. Her love making revolves...
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A weird trick that makes her fall in love with you after sex...

Have her wear one of your shirts. You don't have to let her keep it. You can even have her try it on as a joke. But if you wake up the next morning and she is cold or just out of the shower...give her a sweatshirt or even...
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How to physically flirt

The core idea is simple: most people wants it as much as you do, it's just they are too afraid of giving a too strong impression and scaring you away. So the fix is to tell them subliminally that is okay to be sweet...
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The idiocy of complaining that "he only wants sex!"

This shouldn't take too long. Girls. Ladies. Females. Huddle up here please. I see this from *a lot* of you on this site. So here we go. ...If you have sex with a guy, and then later whine and complain that "he only wants...
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The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss

One of the oldest forms of negotiation is that of the tongue. It is truly a wonder how a kiss can denote the status of relations without a single word even being uttered. Assuredly I say to you, that when you have learned...
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Would you agree that quite *some* women put their dating value below prostitutes?

NOT A WOMEN BASHING ARTICLE! This question means, that some women put their own value below that of prostitutes (by being unbearable/too crazy, too confusing/flaky, mysterious or ignoring/ghosting men or putting up...
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My experience in overcoming issues about intimacy in a relationship

I promise this won't be long. The biggest reason I'm writing this myTake is because as of late some people have been asking, not without reason - ''If you are that uncomfortable about sex and intimacy, why do you use so...
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Girls... If he isn't initiating sex, something is wrong.

This shouldn't take too long. Gals, if your guy/husband/whatever is not the one initiating sex like 80-90% of the time you have sex, then it's highly probable that something is wrong. Like, with your relationship,...
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Life of a Purple Pill Ladies Man 4: Feminism, Bondage, and Fantasy

I wound up sleeping with the lawyer from work. The last time I saw her she was squirting and orgasming on a video chat site with me. A year later she is a lawyer in a government agency doing a zoom training. She messaged...
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Life of a Purple Pill Ladies Man 3: Meeting WebCam Girl in Real LIfe

She was beautiful in her own way. I met her on okcupid and swiped right because she was an average looking mature woman but was gifted with large breasts. She had a tom boyish short bob of hair. I was a 32 year old man. I...
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My Life As a Purple Pill Ladies Man

Red Pill=Avoiding relations with women out of awareness of female nature Purple Pill= Aware of female nature yet plan accordingly and maintain relationships Blue Pill= Being clueless about female hypergamous and...
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The Myth of the Magic Pussy Theory

Many (NOT ALL) women have been made to think that their only true power in a relationship dynamic is the sex they offer. It is what I call the "Magic Pussy Theory". It means that in high stakes circumstances of a...
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My first kiss story

Yes I admit im 29 and just recently had my first kiss. Quite honestly it wasn't as much of a big deal as the movies and Tv make it to be. The girl I kissed was a coworker. she's 20 and has actually had a lot more...
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Farting in enclosed spaces or do you think you are the only one in the room

This is inspired from @laurieluvsit and @Brainsbeforebeauty and their joke posts. 4) Wow, did you just fart? Because you totally blew...
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Sex & Love is Biological Evolution toward Monogamy I would submit to you an idea. We as a human species were evolutionary prototypes of advanced chimps or apes. We were not predisposed to monogamy. The idea was for...
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Why Many Women are Simply Bad at Sex

Let's start off by saying that I am sure many men are bad at sex. If you want to make that argument? Fine. Write a mytake. But the point here is that with the advancements of gender equality, what we haven't seen enough...
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We must accept that most males well soon have no access to heterosexual relationships and adapt to the new reality. (Plus a short rant on male health)

Male sexlessness in on the rise and for the first time in history men in their fifties are having more sex (or at least less often sexless) than young men in their twenties and thirties. in 2018 a 27% of millennials...
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Discover New Locations! Try Making Love In Every Corner Of The House!

1. Balcony or terrace: If your balcony is closed and your terrace is in an invisible distance, you can have a sex-like sex outside. You can increase your comfort and try all sex positions by laying a soft blanket on the...
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Thoughts on Ladies Under Stating Their Dozens of Sexual Partners

First, I am not slut shaming. As long as you are safe I see nothing wrong with having fun. I do however, think that men are objectified by women in their younger years. I do think that we as men are used sexually and it...
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Is Feminism destroying women's bed pleasures?

Its been at least eighty years that everyone starting promoting equality and a higher status for women, which is great. But when it comes to sexuality women are starting to let go of their pleasures because of it. I mean,...
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