Worlds most unforgettable and Naughtiest Adult Slogans!

These are real slogans that somehow slipped through censorship. Some of them you will find hard to believe I...

Come one... cum all? - Poly/Open relationships & why I support the lifestyle.

"To live is an awfully big adventure..." An open relationship is defined as being an intimate relationship between two or more people...

I'm into Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is commonly listed among the top-ten fantasies for men, women, and couples. It is certainly one of mine. My cursory...

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

So I came a cross the following questions: Why do so many people seem to believe prostitition is necessary? Wow now that question is...

Clothing and styles that embody dainty femininity

Hey lovelies, thought I'd do this cuz I'm bored and why not? This is exclusively MY opinion and not meant to offend anyone who might for...

Exchanging Nudes

A lot of opinions have been posted on the sending of nude pictures of oneself. Included is a lot of shaming and forming of opinions of...

Why are some women so hostile about anal sex?

Is it really just the fear of being carelessly used for sex? I understand that with vaginal there is an unspoken assumption among women...

Do you keep nude photos/ videos of your ex?

I was talking to a guy friend of mine who started seeing this girl. He has a video on his phone of his ex sucking his dick and he has...

He mentioned a Threesome?

I know I have brought up the topic of my boyfriend many times. A while ago we where drinking together and I mentioned to him that I find...

Any women lost their sex drive after having a kid?

If so, any idea why that happens?

I hate having sex at his parents house, he says its no big deal?

id rather go to a hotel room than have to quietly have sex in his room with paper thin walls while his mom dad and sister can probably...

How to teach a playboy?

He is one of my colleagues, and we had slept together once because i thought he's a good guy. Turned out , right after we had sex for...

I Need A Little Advice?

Hi everyone, this is probably tmi but I need a little advice on a situation that happened last night. So, I causally see this guy from...

Is it reasonable to be upset if someone you've been hooking up with for the last few weeks hooks up with someone else?

You never talked about being exclusive or anything, but you've gone on dates, shared intimate stories, hang out all the time, etc.

Poltergeist in my house?

I was sitting at the dinner table with my 3 other family members and while they were talking I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my...

Is my sexual fantasy crazy?

Here is one of my crazy scenarios, enjoy. EXPLICIT : It's set in the early 1900's and I'm a "lady in waiting" so to speak who's...

Would you do a girl who refuses to take birth control?

Of course assuming you’ve both been tested #FeelFreeToList #ExHabits