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How being molested years ago has still affected me.

I'd like to clarify, I'm not looking for sympathy. I simply want to share this and for anyone who's been through the same thing, maybe they can relate (unfortunately) I was subjected to perverted behavior from my own...
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The Riddleress Strikes Again! ... and she's surprisingly sexy :)

What is a riddle? 1. A question or statement intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning, typically presented as a game. 2. A riddle is a statement, question or phrase having a...
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Converting A Friend To Nudism

Some Background: I've been a nudist my whole life, and my wife has been one since shortly after she met me. We have a few nudist friends, but when the only thing you have in common with someone is the desire to be nude,...
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Women sex and society.

Some myths about sex and women Today's post is especially for those men (especially those men) who don't get a chance to ask, don't get to know women in the right environment. These men often have misconceptions about...
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Helping a Survivor of Sexual Assualt

I don't know if there's already something on this platform like this but ngl there's a scary lack of acknowledgment for sexual violence. Sexual violence is more than just a "women's problem." Men, both gay and straight,...
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ANAL SEX 101 - How to make the first time, and every time, one of your greatest experiences, and pleasures, ever!

DISCLAIMER: Good hygiene is among the most important factors with anal sex. Yes, there are some health risks involved but those can be managed and minimized, which I will be discussing in this myTake. Porn stars are sex...
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Why I don't pay for sex.

So I saw this question... "What do you think of this response?" "So he said after a year, his girlfriend has lost interest in sex with him. I just asked him if it was better in the beginning, and he said it wasn’t much...
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Venting! Why can't i send sexy pics once in a while?

*I love my boyfriend very much, he's a great guy. But this pisses me off* WHY DO YOU NOT WANT A SEXY PHOTO OF ME FROM TIME TO TIME?? You don't think a long distance relationship is hard for me to? It's less hard on you if...
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Nurses are NOT the heroes you think they are

I am sorry to spread bad news to those who love nurses. If you choose to celebrate International Nurses Day on May 12, I respect that, but to spread the word, they aren't the heroes that you think they are. Almost anyone...
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How to spot a woman that is not visual when it comes to physical attraction

If you've been on this website for a while, you probably know that I refuse to date women that aren’t visual enough when it comes to physical attraction. To me these women are boring when it comes to sexual activity and...
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List of Dating, Sex and Relationships Difficulties in Islamic Middle Eastern Countries

This is a crude list of what I consider makes dating, sex and relationships difficult in islamic middle eastern countries. This is not meant to attack Muslims, Islam, middle easterners or anybody, rather it's simply an...
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How More Interconnected Women are, IN the Pelvis. Researches Done, Discoveries Made, Claims Debunked - Once and For all!

I am honestly not sure, why i write this. Few people asked for continuation or more details shared after my - Thinking of becoming a Med. Student, while walking the weird path of investigating, researching and comparing...
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If the shoe fits

The argument given by men and some women is that men have emotions and women don't care about them. Yet men act callus about women's emotions, don't go to therapy, aren't religious, and admire men like Elon Musk who are...
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The problems porn MAY lead to - both psychological and physiological. And why must we ask ourselves - "Am I Affected too?"

Humans watch porn, don't we? Now, when you think about it, no other being (that we know of) does that! And when they don't, they also don't have the problems we do. Now, don't get me wrong, you can't get yourself...
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Thinking of becoming a Med. Student, while walking the weird path of investigating, researching and comparing gender's genital pain.

So i am on the sixth day of an actual research and investigating female groin\genital pain compared to male groin\genital. Don't worry, me and a guy are leading this project, so there will be no bias. And we are not...
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Christian Domestic Discipline. The key to a happy marriage ✝️👫

Christian Domestic Discipline is a male led relationship where the Head of Household is in charge of the Taken in Hand partner. There are rules and consequences for the TIH and punishments for breaking rules range from...
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Boobs: The truth about what types of guys like what sizes!

I am a self-identified boob guy. I actually like both, but I liked boobs first and still like them a lot more than asses. I have seen a lot of great boobs and only two great asses. They were on normal women, not movie...
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Men, your race/ethnicity does not (necessarily) define your penis size!

Why am i writing this? I was supposed to write it yesterday, but was uncertain. I write it because of FAQ - frequently asked questions - here and even some claims, that race matters and because of race, there might be...
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Penis size: Measurements, averages and expectations

Recently I have learned something about my little buddy’s size which surprised me and made me a bit anxious, so I did some research, asked around here are my finding: First of all, if you want to measure your penis,...
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The Importance of Performing Oral Sex On A Woman

The more guys I meet and talk to, the more surprised I am to find out how many of them really don’t like eating pussy. For years I thought this was an urban legend and that all men wanted to do it on a woman and enjoyed...
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