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How to physically flirt

The core idea is simple: most people wants it as much as you do, it's just they are too afraid of giving a too strong impression and scaring you away. So the fix is to tell them subliminally that is okay to be sweet...
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The idiocy of complaining that "he only wants sex!"

This shouldn't take too long. Girls. Ladies. Females. Huddle up here please. I see this from *a lot* of you on this site. So here we go. ...If you have sex with a guy, and then later whine and complain that "he only wants...
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"Still Even More Sex Sex Sex" Jokes

So, it's not Sunday... But we can have sex any day... Sex Jokes that is... By now, shouldn't have to include a disclaimer, so I'll just say this... If you can't take the jokes, get out of the joke take 😁... Enjoy and...
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Why you should wait to have sex in a relationship!

There is much debate about how long you should wait before you have sex with a guy. Should you wait a week? a month? a few months? or just go on the first date? Here is my opinion as to why you should hold out. I am not...
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Penis Size and Sex Positions

This guide is based on my own experience. I've kept it simple breaking it down into the basic positions. I know there's umpteen variants of rear entry but in reality the differences aren't that great. Neither am I a fan...
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Why isn't there Straight Pride month?

It’s that time of the year again; rainbow-covered items have begun popping up around town, be they banners on street-posts or items in stores that have a rainbow-themed pattern with ‘PRIDE’ plastered somewhere on it. It...
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The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss

One of the oldest forms of negotiation is that of the tongue. It is truly a wonder how a kiss can denote the status of relations without a single word even being uttered. Assuredly I say to you, that when you have learned...
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So another Sunday sex take 🙂 Thanks to one user with apparently no sense of humor, this disclaimer for him or anyone else who can't take a joke. DISCLAIMER: These are just jokes. I in no way condone spousal cheating,...
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Would you agree that quite *some* women put their dating value below prostitutes?

NOT A WOMEN BASHING ARTICLE! This question means, that some women put their own value below that of prostitutes (by being unbearable/too crazy, too confusing/flaky, mysterious or ignoring/ghosting men or putting up...
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My experience in overcoming issues about intimacy in a relationship

I promise this won't be long. The biggest reason I'm writing this myTake is because as of late some people have been asking, not without reason - ''If you are that uncomfortable about sex and intimacy, why do you use so...
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Girls... If he isn't initiating sex, something is wrong.

This shouldn't take too long. Gals, if your guy/husband/whatever is not the one initiating sex like 80-90% of the time you have sex, then it's highly probable that something is wrong. Like, with your relationship,...
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Telltale signs that female characters were written by a man and male characters were written by a woman

What's one giveaway that the story you're reading is probably the product of a female character being written from a male author's perspective? Boobs. Men tend to describe their female characters as overly-aware of their...
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Life of a Purple Pill Ladies Man 4: Feminism, Bondage, and Fantasy

I wound up sleeping with the lawyer from work. The last time I saw her she was squirting and orgasming on a video chat site with me. A year later she is a lawyer in a government agency doing a zoom training. She messaged...
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"MORE SEX SEX SEX", Jokes...

Are you "ready" for "more" sex? Sex jokes that is 🙂 So if you read and enjoyed my first sex jokes take, thought you might be up for "another round" 😉 Hope it's as good as "the first"... Fun sex fact, did you know: What...
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Life of a Purple Pill Ladies Man 3: Meeting WebCam Girl in Real LIfe

She was beautiful in her own way. I met her on okcupid and swiped right because she was an average looking mature woman but was gifted with large breasts. She had a tom boyish short bob of hair. I was a 32 year old man. I...
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My Life As a Purple Pill Ladies Man

Red Pill=Avoiding relations with women out of awareness of female nature Purple Pill= Aware of female nature yet plan accordingly and maintain relationships Blue Pill= Being clueless about female hypergamous and...
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The Myth of the Magic Pussy Theory

Many (NOT ALL) women have been made to think that their only true power in a relationship dynamic is the sex they offer. It is what I call the "Magic Pussy Theory". It means that in high stakes circumstances of a...
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My first kiss story

Yes I admit im 29 and just recently had my first kiss. Quite honestly it wasn't as much of a big deal as the movies and Tv make it to be. The girl I kissed was a coworker. she's 20 and has actually had a lot more...
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Sex from a Christian perspective.

The biblical purpose of sex is multifaceted. God has given sex to us as a means of glorifying Him as we fulfill its design for procreation, intimacy, comfort, and physical pleasure. It is a fulfillment of God's created...
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"Brain's Original" Belly Busters

So if you've seen my latest mytakes you know they've been joke takes... (All jokes were found online) And some were sooo bad, I thought hey, I can do that 🤔... So these are original jokes that I came up with on my own......
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