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Two: Lucifer Morningstar

✦✦✟✦✦ TWO : LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR I chug down the entire kettle in one sitting. "Murder mystery partay! Murder mystery partay! Murder mystery partay-" The host, Nancy White, takes no notice of me. Oh, but my evening date...
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Just Getting In Shape Makes you the Sexiest 25% of the Population

You have the power to be a sex magnet. That's right. Here in America the choice to be sexy is entirely within your power. The question is whether you will get off your ass on the couch and do something about it? Or...
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Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to Squirt from Your Yoni

How a Lady Can Squirt Take a deep breath. No seriously. Its kind of like that. Now imagine using your vagina like you are taking a breath. Suck the sensation of pleasure inward deep inside you. Clench that pleasure with...
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Why Women Shouldn't Be Self Conscious About How Tight Their Vagina Is

First of all, every vagina is different. There is no such thing as a vagina that feels the same. Every sexual experience is unique and quite frankly that is what makes sex so powerful and special. It is the most intimate...
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The 'Open Fly' Paradigm-- An Exploration of Public Indecency

I'm a women in her early 20's and recently I've taken an interest in the 'open fly' paradigm. That is, I find it fascinating to observe an unsuspecting public's reaction to a particular revealing fashion faux pas: the...
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Exploring your sexuality! Why is this only acceptable when talking about the LGBT+ group?

I read an article yesterday which discussed a lesbian and a woman who were best friends get married. They moved from Canada to Berlin and only after a period during the lockdown did they realise although they're not...
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Seduce Me Last Story

Seduce Me #9 On a pulsating afternoon, I'd have killed for a cold drink, from Victor Nebraska no less but not this time. "I think I'm good," I offered him a forced smile with that. Victor. The most fun guy around. This...
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My thoughts on little Nas X's "Satan Shoes" and his song "Montero" (Call Me By Your Name).

I'm kind of late to the party, but I just wanted to get my thoughts on the gay rapper little Nas X out. By now, you probably already know about his song "Montero." Especially if you have a TikTok account. In the music...
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'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II

This is a continuation of: 'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I Since men are by far the much more commonly interested in feet, have you ever been approached...
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'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I

This is the first in an interview-style series of articles I will be writing. I enjoy analyzing life, talking with people about their various passions, interests, and knowledge. You know the phrase, “inquiring minds want...
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6 Male Mistakes That Cooled Women From Sex!

To be honest, there is no woman who does not want to have sex because she has a headache, feels weak, sleeps. There is a woman whom a man discourages from making love. So guys, what are you doing to cool us women? Well,...
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Guide to Seducing the Guys: The Secrets of Being the 'Naughty Girl' in Bed!

I will share with you a few secrets that will make your partner happy in bed and get out of pleasure and nirvana together. With these tiny secrets, your sexual life will be more colorful and you will enjoy the situation....
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What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

Hello friends. Today I will share with you some tips about "sexting", which is called "sex texting" in English and "sexual texting" in Turkish. How is sexting done, what should we pay attention to? Well, let's get started...
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5 Tips For Women Who Can't Have An Orgasm!

Orgasm, in short, we can say that the highest point of pleasure. Many women who cannot orgasm may pretend to orgasm during sexual intercourse because they feel obliged and their partner is not embarrassed. So, how can we...
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4 Reasons That Prove That Sex Made With Love Is A Feast!

Hello friends. You may have come across before, in most of my comments I always say that there is no "sex without love, love without sex". Because sex with love is like a feast, and a loveless one is an ordinary meal for...
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Ways to Color the Monotonous Sexual Life in Marriage!

After a while in long marriages or relationships, sexual life can become monotonous and lose its appeal. However, it is not fate that sexual life becomes monotonous. It is up to you to fix this situation! So what are the...
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Provocative Sex Tips That Will Turn Your Spark To Fire!

If you desire hot sex, just dressing up in red underwear isn't enough. You can turn your bed into a carnival of pleasure with small tips Add your soul to foreplay Duty foreplay to seduce your partner can put out even the...
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Everything You Need To Know About "Sexting" in Quarantine!

Thanks to the rapid treatment technology, it eliminates all distances. I am talking about "sexting", which is called "sex texting" in English and "sexual messaging" in Turkish. In those boring quarantine days when we...
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Consent after consent is already given

Can we please normalize continuing consent in a sexual encounter! When does giving consent stop? Does it have to? Just a little background about myself: I am straight, I am 25, have had 4 sexual partners, and lost my...
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Signs Indicating Sexual Attraction!

You may feel like it's a shot that you can't name, but you just don't know what it is. I will mention a few hint situations for you to understand this. Body language It displays a perspective that is faced with an...
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