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What's your opinion on the Mia Khalifa VS BangBros situation?

CONTEXT: Mia Khalifa is a former pornstar and BangBros is a company in the sex industry who Khalifa previously worked for and BangBros are exposing Mia Khalfia for her (apparent) lies. BangBros wrote "Although Mia makes...
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Does smoking marijuana enhance a sexual encounter or inhibit it?

I don't use any substances, but I have girlfriends that have legal permits to use it and say that they love having sex during the effects of it. I'll just have to take their word for it, but I would also like to get...
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Why do so many western men travel to buy sex from women in developing countries? What do the locals tend to think of this? Should we end this trend?

I’m just curious what the feminists will think on this one. I’ve heard some feminists say that its degrading to women whereas others I’ve talked to support it on the premise that it is the “woman’s choice”....
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What are your limits when it comes to erotic dirty talk during sex?

What is your take on "Dirty Talk"? OK, or not so much? DIRTY TALK DEFINITION: (like you need one... lol) A) Talking with another person, describing mutual sexual activity, with the aim of causing sexual arousal; B) A...
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What Gender Do You Think Talks About Their 'Privates' More Freely/More Often - Men or Women, or is it Equal?

According to Bea Miller, an American singer, songwriter, and actress, she thinks it's men that talk more about their junk. When she's performing her song, "THAT BITCH" at a concert, she starts off with a little speech,...
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What are your thoughts on the "homiesexual" trend?
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Seriously! How much does size mean for you?

I know there has been so much talking about it here in G@G but, am hearing about it in real life too and that there is guys whom are not even trying to find a girl because they think size matter. I was so insecure till i...
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Why does every girl laugh their ass off at this and find it amazing? How would this, if it happened irl, not be as bad or worse than rape?

How is this not hateful of men? Why do girls enjoy this shit so much? How is making a guy's balls, his greatest vulnerability and his manhood explode, taking his manhood from him like that not as bad or worse than rape?...
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"Casual sex doesn't exist." Do you agree with her?

Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist. 2.11 min. Full version:
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When a baby is born. should a paternity (DNA) test be done. before the baby leaves the hospital. to help prove who the true father is?

I ask because it seems more often. there are cases where it is not clear. who the true father is. between modern hookup culture and some women cheating on their spouses. they might not know who the true father is...
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Ladies have you been picked up by your ass cheeks? Guys would you?

I have and I loved it, huge turn on lol.
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Should I start selling feet pics? The price range from $5-$100 and people make thousands of dollars from it, should I do it? (Vote) And would you do it since nobody will be able to see your face and it's an easy...
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The Last Of Us 2 has gay/transgender sex scene, thoughts?

The Last Of Us 2 has a steamy sex scene featuring a gay male and his MTF transgender girlfriend. I haven't seen that much butt-phuckin fun since Brokeback Mountain. I'm glad this is in the game because we need more...
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Did George Floyd resist arrest?

... you decide... this video for some reason was not out with the earlier videos. Is he resisting, inebriated and so unable to coordinate his body functions to walk? I'm thankful he did not drive the car....
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Do You Like To Kiss Until Your Naked?

After seeing the results of my last post I think I know what everyone might need... Press play and enjoy... Versace on the floor with Bruno Mars and the lovely Zendaya... An exotic beauty......
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What's the most embarrassing thing someone has seen on your computer/phone?

This is a two part game. If you're going to answer 'porn', can you make it any more interesting/specific, like what genre it was? Can you think of anything not porn-related? Cause that's just so obvious, it's like low...
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"Brain's Original" Belly Busters

So if you've seen my latest mytakes you know they've been joke takes... (All jokes were found online) And some were sooo bad, I thought hey, I can do that 🤔... So these are original jokes that I came up with on my own......
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"SEX SEX SEX"Yes Yes Sex... Jokes

What should cum after dildo jokes if not sex jokes 🙃🙂 And what better way to start off with than with a theme song... How do you make your husband scream during sex? Call him...
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