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Are there really men out there that dont know how the female body works?

I saw this video a while back and not only do I believe this asshole cashier deserves what he got but it kinda made me pity him for being such a dumbass. I mean "what are the...
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“Contracts are like hearts, they are made to be broken.” Agree or Disagree?

Said by mr Ray Kroc, part founder if McDonald’s.
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Where will YOU BE during the DUCK army invasion? They’re coming! They all demand your bread immediately! The quack brigade!
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Quick! What do I do?

I accidentally showed my son the Johnny Depp video in which the quote “I have other uses for your throat which do not include injury” came up. My 10 year old keeps asking me what this means. 😫😫😫🙈🙈🙈...
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What's your opinion of this song by Frankie Laine?

It always makes me think of manliness. Hard work, strength, sweat, endurance, ridin' hard. Ladies, can you think of a scenario when you might relate to this song? Keep rollin', rollin', rollin' Though the streams...
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Girl's, I'm looking for some help choosing some music for my next sexy strip/dance for my partner?

I was originally thinking of doing it to Pony, but I don't know if it's just too cliche. What music would you like to get a sexy dance to if your partner was doing it for you?...
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What do 'You' do in your bedroom?
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Do you agree with Torshaa that the reason women think that sex is biggest thing men want is because they fuck the wrong type of guys over and over? Both girls gave interesting ideas. The first girl that talked at the start of the clip mention women only say they don't need a man to impress other women and look like she is a...
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Ron Jeremy's recent porn were all about him f'ing teen bimbos, but which one of the 2 do you think has the less morals?

in case you haven't known legendary pornstar Ron Jeremy is serving jail time at the moment because he's been accused of numerous of rape, sex assaults and battering; most of victims where from the ages of 15 to 54 ....
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Do YOU like you name being said by whoever you're having sex with?

I sure do. its so hot and a huge ego boost ;) you?
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What do you think about Anitta's take on twerking?

Skip to 2 mins!! I tried to do it and its sooooo hard lol. I love it, it's so cute.
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Adults who saw Mulan. Did you like it?

I loved it from before I became an adult. I didn't even realize at the time, the gender significance. I still don't focus focus that. I just like the story plot. So let me know if you like it and genuinely enjoyed it,...
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Why do women think sex doesn’t have consequences?

Everyone was doing an abortion question so I wanted to also 😂 women say stuff like abortion is a woman’s choice but why didn’t you choose not to have sex if you knew you could get pregnant I don’t want to be burned so I...
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Have you ever have unrealistic sex expectations after watching porn?

My first ex was a porn addict, sex with him was not fun at all. I was still a virgin because I gave up since he initiated certain sex acts which I hated, he didn’t deserve the rights to take my virginity. He expected me...
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Why did my dumper ex send me this song saying it was about me?

He dumped me out of the blue nearly 5 mo. ago. Like literally one week he was asking me what size I wore because his mom wanted to make me a shirt to the next week he didn't want to be in a relationship. I was heartbroken...
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Why do you think rapes are increasing day by day? thoughts on martial rape?
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