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How much and where can u get a hiv/aids/ std test?

Like how much does it cost. To get these test done. Where can u get one done at

How can you have sex knowing there's STIs out there?

I'm starting to be super paranoid about sti's Sure a condom is more effective but it's not full proof so unless you wait until both...

How to make girl get orgasm?

My girlfriend ask me to make her orgasm, but i can't. Please help me and teach me

Is there any chance of riding horse and losing ur virginity?

As losing virginity means having a proper sex but is it possible to get a tear on your hymen while riding horseback?

Excitement during testicular exam?

Is there any Dr. Or nurses here that can offer insight. I was just wondering what do you guys think if a guy gets a little excited down...

I Always have Sex on my mind before sleeping?

I sleep only aftr thinkg about havig sex with a girl & in d morning need to masturbate to release d urge for sex. Need help to overcome it

Natural , clean or shaved?

Does anyone like to trim or shave their private parts? Which is better? Ladies what do you like?

Is this normal or should I go to the doctors?

I’m supposed to get my period around now and well right when I got to work I felt really bad cramps that were so bad that I had to go...

Smooth or bush? Definitely shaved?

Is it just me or do you girls get off better and orgasm better when they're guy is shaved? Preferably no hair is better because then...

Penis size teen?

What's average penis size for 20 years old guy? Girls only.

Circumcised or uncircumcised?

For Guys, are you circumcised or uncut? For Girls, do you prefer circumcised or uncut?

The hair down there?

In today's day and age I think it's very rare you see any women with a "bush" or even hair at all. I personally think it's hot when she...

Normal or desperate?

I was sitting on a bench, then this girl walks a little to close to me and I saw her belly piercing up close, and it turned me on a lot.

Girls, what’s the best pubic hair style on guys?

I personally like shaved because it feels clean/fresh

Penis size for 20y?

Im 20 years old. I have 17 cm penis when erect and 15cm girth. Is that small, average, big or huge?