Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents


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More than any other fact, teenagers must learn that sexting is against the law. Parents won’t have much influence if they set up ultra strict rules about digital media use, because teens will find other ways to get online, like at school or at a friend’s house.

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

There are several things that parents can do to help ensure that their teenager doesn’t send or receive explicit images.

Sending near nude or nude pictures via mobile phone is growing more popular with teenagers and parents across the country are scrambling to make sure their teenagers are aware of the dangers of sexting.

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

Girls are more likely to send sexually explicit pictures than boys. Many teens report that they forward explicit photos on to others ever get caught, it emboldens other teens and suddenly sexting is everywhere.

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

Set Up a Healthy Home Environment

Teens who live in a well-adjusted home, have high self-esteem and are active and healthy are less likely to feel pressure to sext or to succumb to peer pressure to do so.

A healthy home also establishes good relationships between parents and children, opening the doors for communication.

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

In India It implies that the infants must get the best upbringing and that demands a stable family. Even today most families have three generations staying together.

Monitor Teens Social Media and Cellphones.

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

This doesn’t mean parents must check on their teens at all hours. Instead, random phone checks and access to a teen’s social media accounts for occasional inspection are usually enough to make teens nervous about getting caught with any explicit images on their devices.

Explain the Consequences of Sexting

Paint a vivid picture about what happens to teens who send explicit photos of minors, including jail time.

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

Use recent news stories of perpetrators your state to illustrate the situation. Having clear, real and shocking consequences in mind can discourage many teens from even participating.


Set Limits on Social Media Use

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

Many families have situations or times of the day where cellphones are banned such as at dinner. Keeping teens of f their phones for all hours is another good way to limit all night chat sessions and so forth. Another option is to keep phone chargers in the parents’ room so the teen cannot access them once in bed.

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

Educate Teens on What to Do.

Not only is creating a sexually explicit photo and sending it considered sexting, but so is simply forwarding such an image. Even asking for sexually explicit photos of another is part of the overall problem. Parents need to teach teenagers what to do if they receive a sext and how to proceed before they get into trouble.

Parents who remain calm and reasonable are more likely to be approached by a teen than parents who are emotional and judgmental."

Parents who do all these steps will create an open, communicative environment where teens are educated, aware and confident enough to resist the thrill or the pressure to engage in sexting.

Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

Like most things in life, parents can only build a solid foundation for what they want their teens to do, but with wisdom and compassion teens are more likely to make the right choices when it comes to sexting.

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Good parenting skills separate responsible parents from those who take their obligation less seriously. Good parents will make an effort to develop the abilities and skills they need to raise their children. A parent’s childcare skills (or the lack, thereof) will have a positive or negative effect on a child’s character and behavior as he/she grows.

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Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents

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Tips To Deal with Sexting for Parents
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I will cite your statistics in future discussions on this topic. The problem that I perceive is that persistent teen characteristic: denial. Other people may get into trouble doing this BUT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • xHoneyxBeex
    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion! Any questions or myTakes about children and parenting can fit under the "Family & Friends" topic though. :)
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    • Thanks for responding @xHoneyxBeex. I appreciate the efforts done by G@G Admins to keep G@G community a helpful and caring community. We had selected "Friends and Family" for this Take. As per my knowledge the G@G system automatically categorise the questions and My Takes in "Sexual Behaviour" category due to few Keywords. We had changed category to "Sexual Health". We will post our takes in "Friends and Family" Category. It was just a suggestion being a Editor Badge Holder on ONE of the Well Reputed Website on International Platform. 😊😊

    • I understand and those suggestions are always appreciated. :)

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  • SilentShadow
    Honestly, it hurts to read MyTakes that focus on parenting, and this is no exception. The way everything is explained creates these cookie-cutter, perfect shapes of how a family is supposed to be, and yet most families don't fit that shape. Not even close.

    Sexting has less to do with peer pressure (like you mentioned a couple times) and a lot more to do with filling a void in a teen's life. They may feel empty, neglected, lonely, or depressed. That's why they sext.

    A tip to parents: Don't be shitty fucking people. Listen to how your kids are feeling.
  • Albina_Lovely
    A really shocking statistics for me, thanks for sharing
  • sean1234
    Hah, this is stupid. Who said kids are suppose to have cell phones? MORE THAT THAT!!! Who said cell phones are suppose to have cameras on them? They are not!

    -This is so stupid. It's like peoples brains fell out or something.
  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    Sexting is not against the law. Just as phone sex, explicit Skype session etc aren't against the law.. ..

    It's exchange of nude or explicit pics of underage pics that is against the law. Distribution of child pornography... Other such as revenge porn can also be prosecuted. Depends on the law of where you are.
  • Water_Bottle
    I get this distinct feeling that you're not a parent.
    • A lot.

      Your advice is generic but not actually practical.

      That's like telling people great deriving practices in poor conditions or emergencies but never have driven once yourself at all.

      It just "sounds" good but is rather worthless.

    • Driving not deriving*

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  • CubsterShura
    This is not really the best way to prevent it. How long will parents hold on to their children? My parents still do everything for me, but I did end up seeing with my exes, right? My parents didn't even know.

    I do have an idea.
    • mattai787

      Please do share your idea...

    • @mattai787 as soon as the child hits puberty, they are leaving to grow. That is the time when they already need to understand sex ed and dealing with certain issues like cat calling and abusive relationships. I believe sexting is a part of this.

      The problem isn't really with sexting itself. It's about adolescents learning to take their decisions sensibly as a whole. I have many unpopular opinions about it, and I'll speak of them later.

    • I agree

  • anmari2001
    Well I think teenagers are old enough to make this choice for themselves
    Even if you do this things they will make a way to do it because... We all have been teenagers and desire free will and stuff.. I am still a teenager tho
    If you have raised your children thoughtful and it isn't included in any bad way there shouldn't be such problems even if there is, if the teenager is smart enough she/will realize its mistake
    We all make mistakes after all^^ the important is what we will do afterwards
  • BackAgain
    Wow that's a lot of info to digest
  • cupidkisses
    Thanks for sharing
  • Fitness-Fanatic
    Good Take:)
  • Anon-ymous1
    ... Yawn.
  • sp33d
    What exactly constitutes a "sext"?
    • Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images, primarily between mobile phones. It may also include the use of a computer or any digital device.