Why does it take a long(er) time for a woman to reach orgasm?

Generally, it takes a longer time for the gals to reach orgasm. Most guys can reach orgasm very quickly if they want to and it is easier for most gals to learn how to get us to come very fast. Why do you girls take a longer time to reach orgasm? Is there some special technique for us guys to learn besides direct stim to your clit. How do you gals masturbate so that you come very quickly when you want to?


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  • It's rather complex, involving neurology, anatomy and brain structure. But the female orgasm is tied into more parts of the brain than the male orgasm. There are more things that have to go right, and more potential for things to go wrong with the female orgasm.

    Imagine the male orgasm is microwave popcorn: fast, easy, difficult to mess it up.

    But the female orgasm is like making bread from scratch. More ingredients, longer preparation time, more potential for error .. but the results are a bit more impressive than microwave popcorn.

    • What is your recipe for making great "bread" as quick as possible but no mistakes.

    • Monster is also correct: a guy can not reproduce without an orgasm, while a woman can get pregnant whether she has a climax or not. from on evolutionary perspective, the female orgasm is not necessary.

      for me, there is no quick way. I really wish there were, sometimes...

    • Typo repair: make that, "a guy CAN reproduce without an orgasm..."

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  • well I thought it was the other way around. I can come fast but god I feel my boyfriend cant


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  • My guess on this is the following: procreation requires the male to finish, but not the female. So Evolution tends to favor the males that finish quicker, rather then the ones that take longer (for example, if they are having sex with the neighbor's wife, and he could come back home any minute). It makes no difference how long a women need, or if she finishes at all, to get pregnant, so quick-finishing women aren't favored by Evolution. That's sad, but I suspect that is the real reason.

    • I wouldn't say that quick finishing women aren't favored by evolution since whether they finish quickly or not is irrelevant to the reproductive process. plus women are capable of having multiple orgasms (as are men tho it is rare) thus those who do finish quickly can continue with the reproductive act, thus whether a woman is quick or slow has little bearing on whether her genetic material will be carried on i.e. become part of the evolutionary process.

    • That is what I was trying to say. I don't mean the are less favored, I mean they are all equally favored.

  • Some girls can get off by a touch.

    One time, I came over to my girlfriend's house and she had a wet dream just before I arrived.

    She was really turned on and just one tap on her, literally, just one touch on her part, and bam!

    It just depends I guess. D:

    The release of hormones is involved with the female orgasm, so maybe it still has a purpose. This releases endorphins through your body giving you a natural high. Maybe you notice it in the after sex talking. haha

    On a side note, she is very in love, young, and she is very comfortable with her body and the act of sex. Maybe these are some factors that effect it. (I did read that love has to do with it, because of chemicals in the brain and are released that makes us love.)

  • Spend a lot of time with foreplay, that should help. Pay attention to her and just enjoy yourself

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