How long before I stop bleeding after my first time?

I had sex Wednesday
My bf is about 7 inches, it only hurt when he put it in, but the pain was more on the outside lips than anything.
He got all the way in and it didn't hurt, it actually felt better when he was all the way in.
He went SUPER hard (I told him to, it felt good) there was no pain during or after
When i went to the bathroom though there was blood, it was bright blood orange/pink not like dark period blood (if that matters at all?) So im thinking its coming from the outside or just slightly inside
I still have no pain, but i keep bleeding. Not to be gross but i went number two and i was dripping blood like a period and there was a small clot of it too (like two hrains of rice stuck togethers worth)

So how long does this bleeding last?
Could it be my hymen or maybe my opening tore (or something? I don't know haha) or something on the inside?
Should I take special care of this?
I want to wait until it stops to try having sex again..

Any stories about your first time like this? I'm freaking out, knowing im not alone in this would be a great comfort!! :(
How long before I stop bleeding after my first time?
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