Why do guys like or are attracted by girls' butts?

i think I can understand that guys like boobs. just not butts. what makes a guy grab, stair and ect about a girls butt. why do you guys think about them? why do you guys look at them?

im not asking how you like a girls butt and don't say that you like them big small or round. I'm asking why guys give a crap about butts!


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  • Well, a woman's bottom is very much like the hull of a fine sailing ship... it defines her shape, her moves, as well as her physical personna. Me, I absolutely a woman's butt. Call me crazy...

    Be she blonde woman & 115lbs after thanksgiving dinner, or a juicy, delicious brunette (like my wife), a woman with a shapely, wonderful butt is truly a sight to behold. It's one of my favorite features on a woman (besides the eyes).

    Why I like the way a woman's butt looks...is like asking a lion why he likes to eat bloody kills. I don't try to understand it - I am just very, very thankful to be married to my wife.

    She's a modest - but very sexy woman - who, despite our two girls, still has one of the best asses I have ever seen on any woman over 25.


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  • Well for me it's the whole thing about what I like about women in general. I like curves. I like the shape, I like how it moves, I like the way it sicks up on my Girlfriend when she's laying down, or how it sometimes jiggles in just the right way when she walks. If you want to understand why, I'm afraid I can't give you too much. I think it's more primal instinct. I see it and I think about my urges and what I'd like to do with the girl. But really I don't think it's just the ass. I think it's the entire lower body. Legs, hips, and ass. Especially if she's bent over. ...and back to primal urges. lol

    • Checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. Trying to see if I helped any.

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  • This would almost be like asking why a woman might like a man's abs, arms, or his chest. You do realize women are often staring at men's butts more than men are at women's.

    I'm pretty sure you couldn't answer most of those.

    I will tell you why I like a nice butt on a woman, others may have different reasons. I like a nice butt on a woman because it emphasizes her figure, a nice butt will indicate she takes care of her body (Or blessed with genetics) It is the core of her sensual sexuality. It tells men whether she is fertile or not (A primal instinct, really)

    Some of the same things can be said about a woman's breasts(Although not as appealing as the butt), like if they're medium to large sized, but perky breasts, also means she's taking good care of her body-adding to her sexual appeal.

    Which brings me to my next point, it's not ultimately the butt I find attractive it's her figure as a whole, it has to have that curvy but proportionate look.

    And men are not attracted to every woman's butt, I'm only attracted to a few, I can tell if a woman doesn't work out, and get a rough idea of their diet.

  • As a pygophillist I can say in my perspective because it attracts the homphones as seeing the butt makes feel like looking at boobs and if not better as those are sexy to stare at


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  • It's part of the whole golden-ratio, breeding-hips thing. The larger the back end, the more likely they are to be able to pass a large, healthy child. It's primal.

  • Actually, it makes more sense to be attracted to butts. XD

    If you've got a nice wide set of hips it means you'll be able to give birth easily. Boobs, on the other hand, work perfectly well no matter what size they are. =P

  • cause they jiggle :Dand if you're lucky, you got a nice handful for your mannn

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