Suddenly can't keep an erection?

My girlfriend and I used to go at it nearly every night. Then one day, we tried doggy-style. It didn't feel good, so I got soft. She got upset with me thereafter.

Several weeks later, she wanted to try doggy style, just as we were getting in the mood. I immediately went soft, and she got upset with me. Since then, I can't seem to keep an erection, just as we get into the mood, during any position.

I know that it is mostly a psychological issue, and I try not to think about keeping an erection, but this is really starting to get to me. What can I do to keep an erection?


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  • She got upset with you for something that wasn't your fault, so now every time you have sex with her your mind is constantly trying to please her because you are working for her affection. Think about pleasing YOURSELF during sex more than you feel about pleasing her (see what I said there, don't neglect her, but think about yourself more. ) If you are constantly trying to please her, you aren't pleasing yourself, which means no boner for you. Tell her you don't want to hit it doggy style, because it doesn't feel good. At the end of the day, she got upset, not because you couldn't please her, but because she feels like she can't please you.

  • Hold off sex for a week or two see if you can keep an erection or not. Turn the lights on, make some noise, see if you can keep an erection or not. Let us know, good luck !

    • I've tried that when she had her period (about 5 days), and the first night afterward, was great. But the following nights, same problem. On a side note, I've had some good erections in the morning, so I've been having a lot of morning sex.

    • I've had this before. Do some kegels ?

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