Will a girl laugh at me?

my friend sometimes is made fun of for having a small package. because his shorts have been pulled down or something happens that exposes his package. girls always are laughing at him and say something about being small. now I've seen his package in the locker room and its not small at all I don't think. its a lot bigger then mine and I was wondering if girls would laugh at mine


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  • Flaccid versus hard dick makes all the difference.

    When your flaccid your package can appear small, but even though it may look small, upon becoming hard it could be HUGE!

    Someone could have a flaccid dick that looks huge but in reality is rather short when hard.

    Besides, girls laugh, women don't.

    • Nicely put! love your last statement!

    • Ah but it's true. A girl will giggle like an idiot, a woman will just smile and go "I didn't see a problem". Therein lies the difference. XD

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  • ok, it is possible she'll laugh at you but I don't think so. I guess she doesn't have the balls to laugh at you when nobody else is around.

  • here's how you make sure a girl doesn't laugh at your package..

    YOU stick it in her mouth... lol.. trust me.. she won't say anything.. =P

    • Hhhahahaha dumb ass, that's how you get your dick bit !

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    • I don't think anyone could gag on your sh*t, it's probably so small I bet you drive a huge truck to compensate.

    • Nope.. you're wrong. =]

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