What happens if you get caught with a prostitute?

I have to face the facts and admit I'm far from good looking, have no game, don't make a lot of money, not good at flirting, am introverted, and basically just a loser. So getting women obviously doesn't really happen for me and not having a sex life anymore has really started to make me feel worthless and depressed, so I'm debating paying a prostitute.

I wish it was legal so I could go someplace nice and know everything is safe and I won't get arrested, but unfortunately that's not the case. so say I went on craigslist or something and tried to get a prostitute, and it ended up being a police sting operation, what would happen to me? is it a felony, misdemeanor, or even worse would I get put on the sex offenders list?

I really can't afford to ruin my life with a felony or the sex offenders list, but this depression and feeling of worthlessness has to go.


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  • I think that the prostitution question aside you are bringing up some very important parts of your psychological makeup and personality. Without judging you on the prostitution question, I can answer only this; which is that having propositioning one - which says nothing of actually having sex with one - is generally considered illegal. If the prostitute was a minor - whether or not you knew it - you could be required to register as a sex offender, depending on what state you were convicted in.

    More importantly, in describing yourself, you seem to project a mostly negative assessment of your life, using terms like loser. I say this in all honesty, no one is in reality a loser and to describe yourself as such really says a lot about the condition of your mental health. Perhaps it is time you use some of the money you might consider spending on a woman of the night on a licensed counselor who may help you do understand and accept some of these negative feelings. A lack of a sex life does not make someone a loser. In fact, nothing externally can do that. What's most important is that you recognize your value as a human being and deal with the underlying psychological and emotional issues you are describing. You may find that when you even begin to address these issues, you will feel better about yourself, more attractive and perhaps even able to attract someone for a meaningful and healthy relationship. Good luck.

    • I understand and accept these negative feelings, why else would I admit them openly? and I don't feel like a loser because of no sex life, just my regular life. no sex life just makes me feel unwanted/worthless/depressed.

      for all the rest I've commented the answers to other answerers

    • You do what you've gotta do, but telling people about these feelings and doing something about them that may help you live a happy and more fulfilling life is another thing. It's something that's tough to do but you and everyone else on this planet deserves it.

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  • I agree with jbone79,you have the capacity to change your life if you want to,but sitting around mewing about it isn't going to get that done.

    Thats a choice you have,sit there and wallow and remain feeling as you do,or pull your socks up and decide to change it.

    You don't have to have money to have a girlfriend,and looks are not everything-you would get further with having a good persona and a great personality-looks fade.

    As for using a prostitute do you think that will make you feel better about yourself? will it make you feel like you are worth more or less?

    Many people all over the world go without a sex life for a time,for various reasons,and they don't resort to using prostitutes-you have a right hand,get to using it and have some self control and dignity.

    p.s,a prostitute isn't a sex life,its a sexACT.

    • Well said.

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    • Well then its up to you to take that risk,but the problem here isn't if you get a prostitute or not,its about why you feel the need to do that.

      Cant put a plaster over a boil.

      Good luck though whatever you decide ;o)

    • Please take your self righteous self someplace else. You'd be the first one to shrug him off, like the many, if you ever saw him. So please f*** off with your padentic bullsh*t. There's a whole lot more than what your mind is spewing out. It's not just the guys who can't get any, there are also married men who do it. Low self esteem, sex addiction, child abuse.....the list goes on. So, tougher lawas and throwing your definition of morality in people's faces is not gonna change sh*t.

  • I know guys have needs...better a prostitute its better than a friend of yours

    • Given his depression and state of mind, a prostitute will only make things worse.

    • Haha yea

  • Yes I wouldn't do it because if you get caught it is a felony but punishment will very under state law there is only one place in the united states that it is legal and that's Las Vegas so if you want to bad enough then take a trip there or they are a lot more lenient in places like the Philippines and third world countries. Many times now a days cops are cracking down on in so much that many man are getting caught in the stings. Just to let you know if your young it shouldn't be hard finding a girl to have sex with because so many girls are easy these days, I'm in college trust me!

    • Im 24, and it is not that easy. most girls brush me off or insult me if I even try to have a friendly conversation with them, and of the others I happen to run into would much rather be with one of my friends then me, so I'm pretty sh*t out of luck.

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    • Do you go to bars and clubs because that's usually where girls are willing to hook up because I know when I'm drunk I do things that I would never do sober! - Such a stupid bit of advice....sounds like your a sexual assault just waiting to happen if your not careful.

    • Well unlike you I'm in college where people get drunk all the time!

  • You know this feeling of depression, being introverted etc.? Well there are MANY women out there who feel the exact same why as you do! So you're not alone on this. You might miss that person who is right for you by wasting your time purchasing a relationship. Anyways, you said you don't have that much money so why waste it? If you really believe those things you said, other people are gonna think it's true and believe those lies. So you need to change your attitude. I used to feel the same way. But whenever I got out of my depression more people liked me. Anyways, getting a prostitute might feel good in the moment, but you are gonna feel stressed out that you'll get caught and regret it later. Try going to places you can meet different kinds of women. I know my uncle meet a nice woman when he joined a bowling league lol. You just need to get active, no find the temporary, costly, risky, maybe even ineffective way out.

    • They aren't lies, its only lies if I told myself otherwise lol. I am active by all means, but that doesn't matter when most women apparently aren't attracted to me in any shape or form, and there are plenty of better guys all around for them to chose from.

    • Like I said-there are many women in the same boat as you are. You need to get positive and proactive about your life, instead of just giving up. If you are 24 or under-you have plenty of time to bounce back so don't let these social and financial upsets keep you down forever, do something.

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  • Your going to stay a loser as long as you believe the negative bullsh*t coming out of your mouth. Stop with the self pity party and change the things you don't like about yourself. You probably have a lot more to offer the world and others if you take a better look.

    whatever problems your having, work your way out of it. Stop making bullsh*t excuses for yourself and make it happen. Your life didn't go to sh*t overnight, and it won't be fixed overnight.

    I'd pass on the hooker idea. There is too much danger to you (jail time, and diseases) Besides, why support the sex trade? That industry is destructive to women's health and morality.

    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi

    • Its not all coming out of my mouth, as commented above I get insulted and brushed off regularly when I just try to have a friendly conversation, or there are better single guys around that they chose instead. I call myself a loser because I am, why lie to myself? I have a sh*tty job, tons of debt, no car anymore, living back at home, and have been out of school for almost 2 years now without a single job interview.

      as for the (professional) industry being destructive, that's a matter of opinion.

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    • Okie dokie. We will start with college. What did you major in?

    • Computer network systems. the least likely job for me to find in michigan. to top it all off they are telling all the laid off auto workers to get into this field, when the people hiring already get 500+ resumes overnight from posting a job ad.

  • Good news! If you're not good looking, have no game or social skills, don't make a lot of money, are not good at flirting, introverted and just basically a loser... YOU'RE JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER GUY BANGIN' HOOKERS! The only difference is, they're getting laid and you're not.

    Number one, stay away from Craigslist. No, not because you're likely to get arrested (although the chances are higher there than elsewhere) but because you're more likely to get ripped off and have an unsatisfying experience.

    Check out your local escort review boards. Stay away from escort agencies, you're just gonna pay a premium for the middleman. Find independent escorts. Look for escorts who offer GFE (GirlFriend Experience) services. That term means different things to different people, but generally it means you're not just gonna get a disinterested, slam-bam, in n' out kinda session.

    If you ARE arrested (unlikely, hookers are arrested much more often than johns) it's not a felony. In most places it's just having to pay a fine.

    And, if you really don't want to get caught, check this out:


  • You shouldn't do a crime if you fear the penalty, so this would be a VERY BAD IDEA for you.

    Also, realize that prostitutes are not therapists. They will not address, and should not be asked to address, your feelings of depression and worthlessness. It's unfair.

    They're not trained for it, and most won't want to. They don't want to solve your problems. They don't want to HEAR your problems. They want to be well-paid for sex with a nice, clean, harmless guy who tips well.

    A good shrink would be a cheaper and more direct solution, better for you, considering you're cost-conscious.

    • My problem is not getting laid, I'm not gonna sit there and cry to them about anything lol

  • yes its a felony the charge would be (reason for being arrested) soliciting prostitution, a felony stays on your records for years. like you said you can't afford to ruin your life.

    • Bull. It's not a felony charge. It's a slap on the wrist. And if you're careful, and not out cruising the local ho-stroll, there's little chance of actually getting arrested. Cops don't tend to go out of their way to arrest clients. Stings are almost exclusively set up to trap the hookers, not the johns.

      Be careful, play safe, but don't worry about a possible felony arrest. It ain't gonna happen.


    • But if they do choose to go after you and run your record and it shows on there comp that you have a warrent or something you still get arrested, not just the slap on wrists

    • That's a pretty big "IF". So you're saying that IF you have outstanding warrants for felony charges, you should avoid engaging in illegal activities? Great. How's this? Stick to just bangin' hookers and don't commit any felony-level crimes or skip out on court dates that'll get you slapped with a bench warrant.

      Like I said before, stick to reviewed independent escorts, do your homework, stay away from the ho-stroll, you'll be fine. In other words: Don't be stupid.


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