Why do women say all men are dogs?

Every women I believe has been approach by a man who wants a little extra. My question Is when he gets it he gets labeled. Because women who gave him extra wants more then just sex. But I say to you, that not right. When you agreed to give it up he was not a dog he was a man give you what you want to. So please stop, (all men are dogs) that not the case. And go back to the beginning all we want was a little extra.


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  • Oh boy, this is going to start a riot. Very touchy subject here. Women call us names and ridicule us just because in some cases men do suck gutter slime and other times they just want to. Women are very sensitive while men tend to be insensitive. Add the two together in a culture with freedom of speech and BOOM! Confrontation! A woman doesn't even have to put out and feel bad about men because of the stigma of "All We Want Is Sex". A woman does not want to be just a piece of meat, they want to be a special part of a man's life.

    But this lack of respect does go both ways however. Women do treat men men just as poorly as we supposedly treat them. Women use men for $$$, status, sometimes entrapment and so on but you don't hear about this as loudly because men are not allowed to say anything about it. So in essence, BOTH sides suck.

    Thankfully, there are good people out there both men and women who should make lots of noise.

    However, once you said that. "all we want is a little extra". Was not good. I understand what it is you are trying to say, but it just came out bad. Believe me, once you say something bad to a woman be it intentional or otherwise. WATCH OUT!

    • When you approach a women & you tell her what you want she has a choice, now what she does with that is up to her. This is my point ,if she gets caught up at any time she can get out the same way she came in,but it does happen she would rather call a man a dog or a pig for something she willing agree to. What I said was about women that already know what's up

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  • Personally I've never known a woman who thought she had to give me "extra". I'm not sure what that entails, but, if it has to be extra, it's probably not worth being with that person in the first place.

    • When I say extra I mean when a men ask a women for just sex , knowing he has a girlfriend. If she accepted this there no reason ,for her to get mad she knows what's up.