Girls-Do you like smooth and hairless balls?

is it a turn-on/off when a guys **** and balls are nice and smooth?

Do they like to watch a guy stroke and play with his smooth balls and dong.?


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  • definitely a turn on..

    • Cool, thanks. I love to hear from the young sexyones. Do you like to tongue the smooth sack? or just like to play with it while sucking the cock? just trying to get some feedback. Thanks.

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  • Haha that would be nice

    • Does it sound funny for a man to groom the playground entirely for your pleasure? If so you may have the wrong man in ur life. haha. Thanks for answering. Kisses

  • Well I'm fine if they are either trimmed back or smooth, it's a turn off if they are bushy.

    • Have you ever had an aussie French Kiss? What is that you ask? Its the same as a regular french kiss, only way down Under... haha yumzzz ur a qt pie.

What Guys Said 1

  • I've gotten tons more blowjobs since I shaved my **** and balls. I guess girls like sucking on a hairless dick more. Also it's better for handjobs because my **** is smoother so the girl's hand slides up and down nicely.

    Another thing I've done recently (which is better with smooth **** and balls) is wear a **** ring/ball separator - it's a leather strap thing with snaps on it that squeezes the base of your dick and goes between your balls to separate them and make the balls tight against your ball sack. Your balls are then more sensitive and the girls I've been with love to lick my balls and suck on them like that, plus they're more sensitive. The girls will lick my balls like ice cream cones and it's great. Also the ring around my **** makes me come real hard, I mean it really shoots out with a lot of force. I can actually hear the cumshot hitting the girl's face and splashing off this way, and it drives me wild when a girl flinches when I come in her face. It's a more intense orgasm when you come hard.