What does "hang out" really mean for a guy?

OK I know it could mean many things... but I just wonder when guys say lets hang out, what's really on their mind? Like if you were telling a friend (girl) to hang out... Would they have in mind sex afterward? Do you use it when you wanna get to know someone more with a possibility for a relationship? I know this hang out thing doesn't apply if you have known someone for long already and you are friends with that person... because that would mean just hang out as friend. I am just wondering for people who just met or they have known each other but just hi and bye but never hang out... so what are your thoughts on it...


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  • Generally hang out to me says he wants to go to a place with a fun, light hearted atmosphere so that the two of you can just have fun together. It's different from a date because in a date everything from the setting to the way he acts is sorta all about you, all focused on you, while "hanging out", he's just being carefree and having fun. The difference would be something like: Going to movies and a dinner is a date but going to an arcade or an amusement park is more hanging out, because even though you're there, the object is to first and foremost have fun.


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  • Hang out doesn't mean sex at all except in a distorted mind...

    Generally hang out means to play a game or just talk with friends or alone, whichever. It is a good way to get to know someone better, since can see what they are like with their/your friends, and as a person in general-quiet, fun-loving, whatever. Basically, have fun, get to know one another.

  • it means he wants to spend more time with you, and time = relationship. he's keeping it casual.

    there's a good chance he's got his eyes on an eventual prize, but "let's hang out" doesn't have to be directly translated into "let's have sex now!"

  • Good golly miss molly. He wants to have sex with you. If he doesn't, he certainly wouldn't be interested in any kind of relationship, and therefore wouldn't want to be 'hanging out' with a stranger.

    Whether he says 'lets hang out' or 'I'll buy you dinner' or 'there's an orgy club I'd like to show you', he wants into your pants. The language is simply a means to an end.

    • I appreciate your direct answer and could use your advice about something. I met a guy online, I really like him & we are planning to meet for the 1st time this month, he says that he would like to "hang out with me" we just got off the phone but something he said really scared me- he suggested that after he arrives and I leave for my night class he wouldn't mind hanging out with my friend who will be babysitting my daughter @ my house- that idea made me feel very uncomfortable, is that normal?

    • I'd say he was nervous and trying to be a gentleman. He isn't very good at it and so saying 'I wouldn't mind hanging out with your friend and daughter' sounded like 'I'm a creep who likes female company in a bad way', rather than 'I'm a gentleman who'd like to meet your friend and little girl.'

      Give him another chance. A real creep would say less and do more.

  • With rare exceptions, when a male approaches you to hang out, go on a date, or anything similar, what they have in mind is becoming more friendly with you in order to make you a sexual partner. Guys do not want relationships. That is a female desire. Later in life men may want a wife and family and usually when they arrive at that point, they will select from their sexual partners, a suitable candidate. Initial male female interactions are always based on a desire for sex, not relationship.

    • God you're full of it.

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    • No offense, dave216, but that was a piece of sh*t answer.

    • Guys DO want relationships. Sex is part of a relationship sure, but to say that guys only want sex is absolutely insulting. Please do not say you are representing the majority of the male population with your utterly ignorant remarks. If you have only been motivated to be in a relationship by wanting to have sex with a girl, I pity you.

  • if I like her and I say I wanna hang out then it means I want it to lead to a relationship hopefully


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  • Generally I think it means they just want to get to know you better. But sometimes they may want to hang out because they like you

  • thats what i thought it meant