How important is "hardness" during an errection, to women? Read on...

How important is "hardness" during an erection, to women?

I'm not like every other tool on this site that claims that their 8 inches erect and 6 inches around!

I'll be honest, for a change. I am at best 5.5'' long and 5.3'' around while erect.

Now it turns out that lately I've been getting these SUPER HARD errections lately. Legitimately hard as a rock, not too sure why,

but it could have something to do with supplements I'm taking.

Anyways, I'm thinking that at this point, I have the capability to get much much harder than the average man.

So I know my size is about avg or slightly below...

but to a woman during intercourse, can my degree of hardness make up for my lack of inches?

Do women prefer a majorly hard penis, or say an average woodie!?

Serious question people!


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  • The harder, the sexier ;)


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  • How do you know how hard the average man gets?


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  • Unless their p**** is generating some serious PSI I don't think hardness is going to matter too much. I mean, what, is she going to squash you flat unless you're "SUPER HARD"?