Do guys think a lot of pubic hair is gross?

Do guys think a lot of pubic hair is gross? or do they think its like whatever? or do they just not like it period? do they like it smooth better? and like lets say you were fingering a girl.....and its unexpected and not planned...and you get down there and its very hairy....would guys not care....or would they be so grossed out?


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  • From what I've heard, I think most guys would rather either none at all, or nicely groomed (trimmed). from a guys point of view it's nicer when your giving a girl head I think....unless it's prickly! lol, and even though this isn't always true, really hairy girls can be seen as unkempt, or even unclean by the guy.

    then again, I've heard of fetishes where guys are into a lot of bushy hair. haha so, depends on the guy and his preferences really. I don't think any guy would turn you down if you were bushier than expected, and keep yourself groomed how YOU like. personally, I just keep myself nice and groomed! but I'm not into the bald look myself lol.


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  • Personally, I LOVE giving a girl oral...

    I find it one of the most stimulating things that I can do for a girl, to the extent that I could "give oral" 24/7/

    What turns me on the most is how the girls body reacts...:- by getting wetter, "opening up" and clit getting harder, bigger and how it (and her "internal walls") pulsate and twitch. Not to forget the AMAZING smell and taste of a FULLY aroused and orgasmic girl.

    I do, and have found that girls who DO NOT SHAVE are FAR MORE "stimulating".

    The reasons for this, I have found (and experienced) are:-

    When a girl shaves, the skin around that area actually becomes "harder", "damaged" and less sensitive for her.

    Pheromones are "obviously" also released from "that area", and, like with "armpit shaving"; as the skin becomes "harder" so the "pheromone release" becomes more difficult.

    A "natural and unshaved" woman "normally" produces and secretes more pheromones, and as they are a "natural aphrodisiac" this in turn further stimulates the guy and also therefore has a beneficial ripple stimulating effect on the girl.

    Also, an unshaved "natural" girl is "normally" far more confident in her own sexuality and sensuality...which leads to a far more "satisfying" and "stimulating" encounter.

    To me...I FAR PREFER "going down" on a "natural and unshaved" girl... they smell and taste FAR better than "shaved".

    But...with that being said, although my "preference"is hairy...I LOVE "giving oral" on ALL girls.

    If you want any further info...feel free to add me as a "Friend" here, and/ or E-Mail me at:

    Hope this helps


  • pubic hair is not a turnoff at all, shaving or trimming is optional. I prefer trimmed up a little around the lips, it makes licking it that much better.

  • I'm in my 40s who grew up viewing playboy centerfolds of the mid 70s and 80s. It seems as if the pubic hair began to disappear in the 90s. I still think the models of the mid 70s and 80s look the best.

    My wife as all her hair and I like it. I like to stroke and run my fingers through her hair (both top and bottom).

  • I don't think having a lot is gross, but it's nice when it is nicely trimmed.

  • Definitely no hair or very little hair is ideal . A lot of hair down there is a big turn off . I wouldn't say anything to them but I probably wouldn't want to hook up with them again, because of how much I dislike it .


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  • It depends on each person. Personaly I hate pubic hair period. I don't like the way it feels. The worst that could happen is that pubes can get stuck in your teeth.

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