I'm married and Pregnant BUT... Do I tell the other man it is his baby?Abort?HELP PLEASE!

I had an affair. Husband and I are on the outs. So I don't take BC and the "affair man" knew that. I agreed to take the Plan B pill. I did take it, but it didn't work. I am pregnant now. 4 freaking months pregnant. Neither husband nor the "affair man" know about it. Its not my husbands because we didn't have sex and the "affair man" is the only one I have EVER been with besides husband. The "affair man" and I talked about having kids, but more for conversation sake, not for reality sake. I have a baby growing inside me now and I am a great mother already (I LOVE LOVE LOVE my children, and do everything with them and for them) but...I'm not sure the "affair man" is ready at this time to have kids. Its his baby, but what do I do? If you were in his shoes, would you want to know, or just have me abort it? I'm not eve sure I can have an abortion this far along. I don't show until I am at least 6 months along, despite being only 120 pounds...and I am cute when I'm pregnant...that's got to count for something...right...seriously though, joking around is my way of making light of a serious situation. My husband would claim it as his, but its not. Is that fair for my husband to step up, or should it be the other mans boundaries? He has a child now and he is a great dad. I mean super duper dad! I don't expect anything from either husband or the other man, just not sure if I should tell? Surely they are going to notice my little bun in the oven sooner or later. Please help guys...this is serious and I'm stressing over this big time. Just need advice. I have been going to counseling myself for this situation, so I have a clear vision of what I want, but any advice would be awesome!
I'm married and Pregnant BUT... Do I tell the other man it is his baby?Abort?HELP PLEASE!
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