So my boyfriend wants me do it anal.

I've NEVER done it from the ass and I want to know what to expect and how to do it the best way possible. Does a girl poop herself the first time? Will I bleed? Will his penis come out with poop? I really want to do it and I am excited but a little scared because I don't know what to expect. Help please!


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  • You need to take things slow, try using small toys or fingers first and should do this for a couple of weeks. If you don't want a bad experience you should do it right. You'll have to gradually build up to actual penetration with his penis. It will take time, but you will enjoy it much more. Sometimes bleeding does occur, that is why you should start small and slow. As far as having a BM while your engaging in anal or worried that he will have "poop" on his penis, try not to eat for about 3-6 hours prior to having anal. This helps greatly and won't ruin the mood by have poop him or you. Just remember, start small and slow... You will want it more when you reach your goal, having anal penetration with his penis. Also, look information up on the internet, but do a little research because there are quite a bit of incorrect information and you don't want to get hurt. Use lube and try anal beads, dildos, plugs, there are many things that get prepare you for anal; Try visiting an adult entertainment store and ask the sale person questions, after all they should know a thing or two about the items they are selling.


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  • OK don't listen to that other guy if you know what your doing it won't hurt that bad and no you should not bleed I have never heard of any girls bleeding.

    You should go and get a suppository or an enima before you go see your guy just to keep stuff from getting too messy but normally you should be fine.

    Make she he has it lubed up good and when he starts to put it in don't tighten up just relax and when he starts to push it in actually push out like you are trying to poo but not too hard this will cause your anus to relax and open so that the penis will slide in easier and more enjoyable to you.

    1. Clean your whole

    2. Lube up

    3. Don't be afraid relax

    4. When he starts to push you push back like your pooing will open you up nicely and you will enjoy it.


  • If you really want to do it, then take it VERY slowly, wash first and use LOTS of lubricant.

    Yes it will hurt, yes it might bleed, yes it might involve poop, but you can avoid this by doing the things above.

    Some people really like it, some really hate it: you won't know until you try. Make sure your partner is VERY careful or else make sure you are totally in control.


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