Biting and Licking Guys' Ears?

i was with my guy earlier and we were messing around. I wasn't gonna have sex with him and was already clear on that. anyway, I started biting and licking his ear. I automatically noticed he got really turned on right away. and he started touching me even more passionately and he smiled and said I shouldn't do that because its dangerous.

i always hear and read that doing that to a guy is a big turn on. (which is why I did it). I'm just wondering how much exactly? like why is it? what does it feel like for the guy/what goes through his mind...or body ;)


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  • ^ Yea something like that. Its that tingle that goes down ur neck to ur spine. Then somewhere below the waist...:) Plus it causes almost an automatic smile heh

  • It gives me goosebumps. I think it is even the heat of her breath that drives me crazy. I would compare it to the feeling you get when someone kisses your neck.


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