Has anyone ever experienced an oragasm while cleaning their ears with Q-Tips?

I know it sounds crazy, but whenever I clean my ears, I have an orgasm...and if I clean them long enough, I can get off multiple times...so if there is anyone else out there, you are not the only one



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  • O_O Wow, I'm smiling AND I learned that this is possible. I'd say your one lucky woman, you never have to worry about a guy being good in bed, just grab a Q-Tip.

    • Lol...thanx :)

      i does come in handy at times, but nothing is like the real thing, so I can't really substitute the two

    • Ahhh, touche! at least you know how to smile and feel comfortable ^_^

      It shows that you are not cocky, but confident!

      +1 and kudos to you. Salut ^_^

    • Hahahaha

      this is indeed true :)

      the only thing is that I can only do it when I'm alone, because a friend of mine actually walked in my room and saw me cleaning them once and I had the face and everything...lol it was pretty funny

      thanks a lot for ur comments :)

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  • Check out Mary Roach's talk on orgasm. Some similar stories to this one.



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  • I stop breathing when I clean my ears with q tips. It feels like it blocks my throat. Lucky! Wanna trade? lol I start couging and choking for like ten minutes after cleaning my ears.

    • Hahaha...wow

      u should be careful!!

    • My weird thing that makes me orgasm though is working my calf muscles on the calf machine at the gym. As soon as my calves start burning so does... other things :)

  • Lolll that's funny! Even though I have no clue what a Q-tip is lol.

    • Q-Tip=very short, small stick, tipped on cotton on one or both ends, often used for cleaning of the ears.

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    • Q-tip is the name of the #1 selling brand of them here in the US. So everyone just calls them Q-tips cause if you're going to the store odds are you're picking up the Q-tip brand ones anyway. Just like calling tissues Kleenex.

    • Wow...i haven't heard that one before!


      how do you hide your face when it happens? (if you make a face at all)

  • Wow no!

  • Wow that's funny lol