My girlfriend can only "get off" when she does the work.

Seems like whenever we have sex I can stimulate her myself, but she can never reach an orgasm unless she's on top doing the work. Is this common for other people? don't know if its me or her...

any suggestions?


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  • She can "O" when she's on top because when she moves it rubs her clitoris against your pelvic bone and also her working at her own pace helps alot... at least for me. Its like when a guy is in control he can not tell whether he's hitting the right spot on a girl every moment unless she kept him updated every two seconds (which is stupid) so when a girl is in control she knows exactly what feels good and what she needs to climax.


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  • If you ask any girl, most of them will say they have never orgasmed from sex, it seems that only a few gifted or knowledgeable guys have managed it. Truth is and I hope the ladies agree with me here, its all about positioning.

    Guys don't realize that the actual "orgasm zone" is the TOP INSIDE WALL of the vagina. This is

    where the g spot, the deep spot, and all other sensitive orgasm zones are

    located! When you are having sex in most positions your penis is going IN to

    her not UP AND IN where it will have a greater chance of giving her an orgasm.

    When your girl is on top of you this is what she is doing, she is leaning back so that your penis hits the front wall of her vagina. The irritating thing is she will never tell you this is what she is doing.

    What you want to do is when you are entering her from behind on the bed you want to flatten her out. But, before you flatten her out you want to stick a pillow under the lower part of her stomach. Once you have pillow under her stomach (to raise her butt higher) you want to lie down fully flat on top of her.

    However instead of staying even with her body, move up as high as you can. The goal of this is so that as you thrust you are hitting the top inside wall of her vagina. The entire point of the pillow and moving up on her is so that you are thrusting down DIRECTLY into her "orgasm zone." As long as you can last at least 5 minutes in this position you are almost sure to give her an orgasm

    Girls tell me if you think this is all wrong :)

    • The g spot is actually only a couple inches in and the reason most girls can't reach a climax during sex without stimulating the clit is because they have weak pubococcygeus muscles.

    • The bit about being on top is true,its my favourite position,cant last longer then 5 minutes....i will always be honest able what I'm doing ;o)

      From behind has never done it for me for some reason...if anything it can be uncomfortable so I'm not sure about that...sounds logical.

      Inquisitive is right the g spot is a couple of inches up,if you touch it you can feel where is it is as it feels different to the rest of it.

      I agree,guys tend to thrust in and out rather then in and up though.

    • Yes I have tried this before, and from what I recall it is very stimulating to me, but didn't make much of a difference to her. I thought that the G spot as well as the most stimulating areas were located in the frontal part of the vagina... wouldn't this position be putting more pressure on the back rather than the front?

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