Why does anal feel so good?

I tried anal for the first time the other night and it was amazing. It kind of hurt a little at first but not much...then it just felt great. Like I could really feel it and I don't know why it was actually a pleasurable experience. I didn't think it would be good at all honestly, but I might even be able to orgasm from it, which is odd because I can never come from just penetration alone, but this was incredible. Why do I get more pleasure from anal than vaginal sex? Is there something wrong with me? I remember a lot of my friends in high school talking about how the only way they could get off was through anal. Is that normal? Can that even happen?


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  • 1) The key to enjoying anal sex is relaxation. A lot of females concentrate so much on the pain they think they will be feeling, that their muscles tenses causing them to feel even more pain.

    2) Another reason could be is that the guy didn't do it correctly.

    I really think a guy should make sure a girl is well lubed down there before he even tries penetration.

    3) Maybe the girl is just not into it.

    I actually enjoy anal sex more than vaginal sex. It sounds weird but I guess it's the fact that its a new thing to try, the different station and the fact that's it's tighter.

    • I said the different station, I meant sensation, lol!

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  • My girlfriend found out she loves anal too. She says it feels even better than vaginal sex. She has multiple orgasms from it without any kind of clitoral stimulation. When we first met she said had no interest in it, but once she tried it a few times, she discovered it was the best feeling she had ever felt.
    I think it has something to do with how thin the wall of tissue between the rectum and vagina are because when we have anal sex and she orgasms, she says she feels it in her vagina somehow. There's something about the angle from anal penetration that hits her G-spot in just the right way and she has mind-blowing orgasms.

  • It feels good to women because of nerve endings. Plus you might also like the kinkiness of it and that might turn you on more?


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