How do most men really feel about large areolae?

I have been extremely self conscious of my breasts for years. I was an early bloomer, and my cup size is now a 36 D (maybe DD, I need to get fitted professionally.) My areolas are very large and all I see in p*rn is small ones. It also seems like when big areolas are spoken about, it's in a negative light. I hear a lot of girls complaining about their areolae being large, saying they are the size of a silver dollar (which is very small compared to mine) or the bottom of a soda can (also small compared to mine.) My areolas cover most of the front of my breasts. I'd say they are about 3 inches across. It makes me very self conscious and although my boyfriend says he likes my breasts, I just can't accept that because I feel like they must be unattractive. He recently quit watching p*rn after having been watching it regularly since the age of 11, so I know the beauty standards from p*rn have influenced him and I feel like he might be lying about liking them to make me feel better. But let me stop rambling. How do you all really feel about big areolas? Try not to be too harsh in your answers, please.
How do most men really feel about large areolae?
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