How can I turn my boyfriend on by online messages/text messages?

He lives fat away so I want to make him feel good. Kinda like sexting but just with online messages. (not cam!) I want things I could say to turn him on. And also what are some things I can say that I want to do to him? I'm not good at this stiff. Help?!


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  • Ha, ha. Honestly, it'll take some practice but there's not much you can do wrong. Tell him how turned on your are, remind him of that one awesome time you were together and how hot it was. Also, check previous answered questions in the search option above, this has been asked a lot and there might be better responses.

    As for things you want to do to you know what he likes? e.g. if he likes oral and you're good at it...tell him how much you'd really like to give head right now...if only you had someone to give it it too. :)

  • hah last year I had this friends with benifits girl and we would do "sexting" for hours omg biggest turn on ever! so yeah anything sexual will make him go crazy


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