What does it mean when a guy kisses your neck?

what does it mean?

He kept like kissing my neck high and low, and like my forehead.


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  • You females, you think everything means something. You need to realize guys are a lot more simple than you imagine. Kissing your neck, easily explained. It has been widely published that girls get horny as a response to having their neck kissed. The guy was trying to make you horny so he could have sex with you. That by the way is also the reason for basically any interaction guys have with girls beyond asking what time it is. Sex is what we want from you. Other than sex, we can pretty much take care of ourselves. There just isn't much else we need from you. If you can get that idea firmly in your head, you will be in a much better position to understand male behaviors and the future.

    • Wow,that's a pretty rude statement. I know plenty of men(not boys with that mentality)who want someone to love and share their life with.Guys don't want just sex and when they say they do theyre lying to themselves.Youd have to be a very immature, heartless human being or someone who is just being hateful because you had your heart broken to think that way.I feel sorry for you.Believe it or not,subconciously everything we do and say does mean something,men just don't analize like women.

    • Ok, thanks for the view from the childrens corner. Give it 10 years and then answer again. :)

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  • it means he likes you, is trying to turn you on most likely, or is just kissing you where many girls say is a sensitive place to kiss and makes them wet usually

  • i don't know about the forehead part lol, but from my experience girls tend to be very sensitive in their neck area, so anytime a guy begins to gently kiss a girls neck means that they are trying to get into their pants..jk well its just a method that guys use to get a girl in the mood..

  • uhhh ..it means he is kissing your neck. >.>


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