1st time with new girl, couldn't get it up. Did I ruin my chance?

ok, not the1st time this has happened with a new girl..
She seems like she is willing to give me another chance.. but at the same time remaining very distant. More than usual. The night we hooked up was the 1st time i had seen her in a year. We were drinking at a friends house that night and she invited me over afterwards. Things were going ok but I kept trying to get hard but nothing was working. Then she says 'maybe we should just be friends instead of lovers' I said id like to be more than friends still.. at this point the vibe was totally different. I could tell she had lost alpt of interest, so dumb me goes on n starts telling her how I used to have a crush on her and how gorgeous she is.. to which she responds "thats sweet".

Next day (sat) I text her apologizing and saying hope we can see each other again soon. she says dont worry about it. I didn't text her again til mon night saying id like to see her.. no response..
Besides that tho she always responds to my texts.. she is always very short tho.. 4-5 words max but she was like that before we hooked up and it makes it really hard to move the convo past basics like 'how was your day" etc etc.

Sounds like im friendzoned right?
Well check this she text me today (week later) saying 'i think you left your shirt'.. which threw me off because the 1st thing she commented on when she saw me last week was my shirt.. so I thought she was playing a game or trying to find an excuse to see me? So I play along 'im not sure if its mine or not, I can stop by after work n find out' to which she responds ' I prob won't be home. Its probably my brothers' end of conversation.

.. now girls have said n done a lot of weird things to me.. but what was the point of that? Im lost..

I really like this girl n would like to stick it out but her behavior is super confusing. I have no idea if she likes me or not.. any insight?
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I dont peg her as the type who invites guy over very often like that, said she was 'experimenting' so im sure she's quite embarrassed about the whole situation too..

So should I wait a week or so before I try to talk to her again? Or just take it as a lesson learned? Also I haven't tried to call her at all because I feel like she wouldn't answer.. she stood me up once months ago.. n never really apologized or attempted to reschedule..
1st time with new girl, couldn't get it up. Did I ruin my chance?
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