Why won't guys go down on a girl?

I've ran into guys who've done it to me, but for a little, then guys who say it's their favorite thing, but I've never gotten the opportunity to do it, and they "like to do it", and guys who tell me they'll do it to me, but don't like it, so why don't guys like it!? is it gross?! Why won't you a guy go down on a girl?


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  • Wow, this is a good question! Personally, I think that most guys that haven't done that before really don't have a clue other than from what they heard from other guys. It's not something to get started at as easy as it is for a girl to do likewise for a guy. Consequently, girls seem to do oral on a guy first and more often than what they get in return, if they even get anything in return. Where a girl has something see and take hold of and can get almost immediate response and can be something for them to even laugh at in most cases lol, it's not the same for a guy trying to pleasure a girl. It's kinda an unseen thing and an unresponsive thing too. Also, I think that most guys have to really like/love a girl or at least find her very hot before they'll just go for it and hope for the best. But once a guy does have his first time, he's usually ready to go for it again... and again. So you need to do a little insisting and a little training before it becomes the natural thing for them to do. A girl can tell her guy she doesn't like doing it to them either, but still they do it until they start liking it. It's just easier for them to start out. So start out your guy slowly and respond to what he does do good and keep showing him what you like. No, it's not gross... not at all! It's just the unknown. And it is wet, so there is a taste involve that the guy has to get used to until he likes it. To some it's probably natural. To most others I'm sure it isn't. Keep on your guy until it IS his favorite thing.

    • Thank you, he's only done it two times, but we've only done it 4 times, but we'll see next time, and other guys say they'll do it but they don't like it and I wish they would, but I'll start slow

    • You're welcome. To those guys that say they don't like it, ask them why not. But make sure if they won't do it to you that you don't do it to them either. If they wanna leave you for that, let them go unless you're willing to just stick around and put out to them regardless, which I don't think you are.

  • It's not gross. If it is gross then I'm not doing it to begin with. :)


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