Is a man giving gifts a form of prostitution?

So someone asked on the site if a guy giving her a tattoo for free when she is sleeping with him is like prostitution. I noticed that a lot of people seemed to be very upset about the whole issue. When someone posted their opinion it was either received with a lot of up arrows or a lot down arrows. I received a lot of down arrows for my opinion. I'm not mad at all but I realized that I might have stumbled onto a subject that is very sensitive to either sex.

People are saying the originally poster is fake and the whole question is fake and that's fine but I am still curious to hear people's opinions on the subject.

I want to preface with saying that I don't think a man giving a woman a gift is prostitution at all! So please don't turn this into an opportunity to dump on the female sex or yell at another girl for her views. I am simply trying to hear what men and women think of the matter.

So gentlemen, is it offensive if a woman thinks you are giving her things for the sake of sex or is she correct? Have you ever given a woman a gift after she did something for you sexually? And if you did, what was your reasoning for it?

Girls have you ever felt, whether in a committed relationship or not, that a guy giving you a gift after sex was questionable? Or did you receive it knowing the heart it was giving in?

So everyone knows where I am coming from, I have been giving jewelry, by a man I was in a committed relationship with which he bought the night after we had a very, very nice time together in bed. I knew he wasn't paying me for it though. He always took care of me as we lived together and was very loving and respectful of me at all time. But I did think the gift was from what happened the night before. Not as payment, but as him saying he appreciated me. So that has colored my view on the issue.
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Sorry, I meant to say gentlemen and ladies not gentlemen and girls.
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I'm sorry, I probably should have left the other posters issue out of this. I don't care if she is fake or not. That's fine. My question was more in general on whether men have ever bought their girlfriends jewelry for sex or whatever.
Is a man giving gifts a form of prostitution?
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