How to get to second base with my girlfriend?

We have been dating for a month now. We make out all the time, in my car or couch etc. I want to spice it up even more. I'm not sure how to approach this. She has a promise ring so I know this is going to be tough. I have felt up her back( Just seeing if she would stop me) She didn't. I need help. I'm really not into the whole I dea of sex but Sometime I would like to hit third base. Any Ideas?


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  • I say wait a little bit longer, a month seems a little fast. Wait a few more months and you two will be glad with that decision.


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  • when your making out just put your hand on her thigh then rub her on the outside of her pants if she likes it go down her pant or up her shirt..

    • She let's me grab her butt, could that be a sign?

    • Uh not really I've let guys grab my butt that I wouldn't let get any closer then that but its good that she's not saying don't touch my but

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  • You have been only dating a month, id suggest cooling the jets and take it slow, if she is committed to her choice your not going to change her mind on the subject of anything sexual and Id hope you would be man enough to respect her wishes and not try and push it. A girl who has enough respect to say no is a girl worth keeping as I have learned.

    • Oh, I respect her with the up most respect. I just didn't know when was a good time. Yeah it does seem very fast, I'm learning self control because we both go to different schools and we don't see each other as much as I would like ( Usually 3 times a week on average).