Why girls like come on face....?

why they like to drink..?


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  • I personally think "C#m on the face" is disrespectful. Some women enjoy it. To them, it represents TOTAL submission. Or evidence that they have mastered their partner's orgasm. A sense of accomplishment. Drinking? That's pushing it...

    • Drinking is quite pushing it, drinking it is usually the simple difference between spit or swallow.

      My girlfriend swallows, and frankly, it's fvckin' hot. She says the taste of it varies with my diet and water intake, needless to say, I drink a lot more water now.

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  • Reflecting several comments on this topic here on this site, fewest girls really LIKE this. The thing that makes them like it is that they want to give their boyfriends a pleasure. And facials are special to some guys (personally I completely dislike them :P).

    And as for drinking the cum... well, that's dependent on the guy I suppose... come is a natural product and it's getting influenced by several means (food, time to reproduction, etc..) so the fluidity (does this word exist? I got no idea :D) is different, the smell can be from fruity (yes, possible!) to something words are unable to describe (in a bad way!)...

    Anyways resulting in:

    If a girl "likes" it, you can be sure that her affection towards you is for real!

  • Think they do it for the pleasure of it and cos they like the taste of it